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Please take a moment today for as long as you see fit to send your prayers, in whichever form they may be, to the people suffering in Asia at the moment. There are thousands that have perished in this tragedy, and many others that are still unaccounted for. There is also an increased health risk for people that have survived, so please, send your prayers and intentions to Asia at the moment. If you haven't seen the news, here's a link:

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In light,

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this incomprehensible disaster--as are the thoughts and prayers of all humanity.

And yet, we continue to wage war upon ourselves in other parts of our planet.

God help us all.
I am touched by your placing this appeal for prayers. My home town was hit by the tsunami, and I was relieved to learn that my family and relatives there were not affected by it. But I am still saddened by the loss of so many others.

Thanks to Bluejayway and Sacredstar for your prayers, too.

My prayers for those who lost their lives, and for those who have survived their loss.
Dear Indogenes,

You're very welcome. I'm happy to hear that you and your family are safe, and I'll keep you and your country in my prayers.
Ryuuko said:
Dear Indogenes,

You're very welcome. I'm happy to hear that you and your family are safe, and I'll keep you and your country in my prayers.
Dear Ryuuko,
I truly appreciate your kind words and prayers.

I wonder what impact the earthquake and the turmoil of the seas and the ocean in South Asia had on the aquatic flora and fauna.
I wonder what impact the earthquake and the turmoil of the seas and the ocean in South Asia had on the aquatic flora and fauna.
Indogenes, I was able to find this at I'm also very thankful that your family was unharmed!

Coral Reefs May Take Years to Recover from Tsunami

MELBOURNE - Precious coral reefs and mangrove areas would have been crushed by the huge tsunami waves that have devastated southern Asia, an environmental and economic setback that could take years to reverse, experts say.

Deep sea creatures are likely to have escaped unscathed from the massive quake below the Indian Ocean, but coastal ecologies were exposed to the full force of the crushing wall of water.

"Some of the reefs around Sri Lanka and Phuket (in Thailand) would likely be pretty severely damaged because big waves hit them pretty close into shore. It's going to depend on the size of the waves that hit," said Michael Keogh, professor of marine ecology at the University of Melbourne.

"The big forces from these waves come when they get close to shore and into shallow water and they build up, they start to break, and that's where the really severe energy is," he said.

Diving resorts popular with tourists for their superb marine life, such as the atolls of the Maldives and the southern Thai islands, were flattened by the forceful wall of water.

"If you lose some of the coral reefs then you lose the appeal to tourists and they'll go elsewhere," said Keogh.

Reef-forming coral grows only about half a centimetre (one fifth of an inch) a year.

Seafood farms in countries such as Thailand would also have been damaged, and mangrove areas that act as nursery habitats to fish and shrimp "will have been churned over pretty thoroughly", Keogh said.

"If there's been large-scale damage the recovery rate could well take quite a long time," he added.

The worst marine damage was likely to have been concentrated 100 metres to a kilometre from shore. However, the feeding, breeding and other activities of large sea mammals such as whales and dolphins probably suffered little impact.

"Dolphins can feel things like that happening in the water and they would probably head for deep water where they could be safe," said John Michel, communications manager at the government marine research department of Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

"They're pretty smart and they know when things are coming," he said.

Tsunamis measured only about 7 inches (18 cm) high in deep water.

"Offshore environments would probably be totally unaffected. The only thing that would be affected would be the tidal ecologies -- the animals and sealife that live right on the shore line," Michel said.

Story by Miranda Maxwell Reuters News Agency Story Date: 30/12/2004
You're very welcome. I read on another board that there was a 10 metre shelf that was created at the epicentre, and that the earth's rotation was affected by this, but haven't found the source to confirm this yet.

Keep safe Indogenes!
A friend made a good point today about double standards and mentioned the fact that we must not forget those that are still being killed in Iraq.

My concern now in Asia, is for those that are left behind with wrecked lives they face to rebuild, contaminated water etc etc. So let us pray that a recovery and regeneration operation is completed avoid further disease and death.

A dear friend, (his wife and baby) is teaching on the coast of Thailand and I am still waiting to hear that they are safe, they are due back on the 9th of February.

Love beyond measure

Earth's rotation was affected, according to this article from Nature.

From The Independent:
Geologists said changes on the Earth's surface were more noticeable, shifting the island of Sumatra 36 metres to the south-west. Ken Hudnutt of the US Geological Survey said: "Some of the smaller islands off the south-west coast of Sumatra may have moved to the south-west by about 20 metres."
Sacredstar, my thoughts and prayers are with your friends, as well--I hope they return safely--

And an excellent point about the suffering in Iraq. A coworker told me today that the US$35 million pledged by the US government for aid is equal to what it's military spends every four hours in Iraq. On another board, someone claimed that Bush's second inauguration celebration will cost US$40 million. I can't confirm these figures, but I don't have much trouble believing them--
Thank you BlueJayWay for that information--those figures are astronomical! May we all soon see the higher purpose in this event.
I have posted a request on another board I belong to and a third board I belong to has a few running updates on what's going on (most of the "updaters" on the third board are either from that region or have family/friends from the region.)

I'm also inluding Africa and Australia since they were hit unexpectedly (I'm growing another grey hair that I've named for a young man from Australia whom I haven't had contact with in about a year and , well, I'm a stereotypical Jewish mother even though I'm not a mother.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Dear Phyllis

Thank you for the confirmation, earlier tonight I was guided that there is contamination throughout the Asia Pacifica we will prepare for a clean up operation, because this is going to taint the food chain for many months to come.

Dear Bluejayway

Thank you for your love and updates please keep us informed.

being love

I pray that your friends in Thailand are safe and get in touch with you soon, and thanks for your prayers for this part of the world. Asking for prayers for this part of the world does not mean that Iraq is forgotten. It is difficult to forget Iraq, a land and people which are suffering for so long due to an invasion based on false grounds. But we should not forget other places which are hurt too by mankind's preoccupation with war - like civil-war-ridden Africa, or health-related calamities - like AIDS in Africa, or natural calamities - like the countries hit by the tsunami.

Dear BlueJayWay,
Thanks for your best wishes and the two news items that you posted - there wasn't much news about the impact under water, and I was wondering. It was unnerving to read about the impact the earthquake had on the earth's rotation, and the geographical shifting of islands.

There was news some years ago about the Indo-Australian tectonic plate which is suspected to be in the process of splitting. This plate spans India through Australia, and is reportedly pushing against the Pacific tectonic plate, which is causing new islands to be pushed above the water in the Pacific ocean. When the Indo-Australian plate splits, the Indian peninsula will be on its own pushing into the Eurasian tectonic plate, while the Australian plate will be free to move on its own. Who knows what else is in store for the world.

Dear Ryuuko,
I live in the USA, and so am far away from calamity. I have been hearing from a few people in India who have lost friends or colleagues in the tsunami, and also from someone who is directly helping with relief work. It is heart-rending news.