Basic moral precepts - comparison between religions

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Do you train yourself in keeping precepts?

  1. No, never thought about such

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  2. No, do not see any benefit in it

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  3. Sometimes (incl. special day observing)

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  4. Yes some, those which makes sense to me

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  5. Yes some, those I can keep in my situation

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  6. Yes

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  7. Other

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    My person thought of giving food for thought in regard of basic precepts and virtues to compare with your religion (best original as possible) with the five moral precepts of the Buddha-Dhamma, teachings of the Buddha.

    While it's natural that teachings decay under secular use and with increasing of secular dominance, my person encourages to do not compare with certain usuals but as possible clean from its origin (of course such does not exist in different for for religions originated from non-recluses traditions)

    Its maybe note-worthy that those are "training" rules are undertaken voluntary and there is no outwardly or higher judge (nature of cause and effect rules anyhow).

    1. Abstaining from taking life.
    (Life means, all that breath, creature, living being as possible recognize as such)

    2. Abstain from taking what is not given
    (means what does not belong to one, is not given, given in exchange)

    3. Abstaining from sexual (sensual) misconduct.

    4. Abstaining from speaking what is not true

    5. Abstaining from consuming means which cause heedlessness
    (Alcohol, drugs... what ever causes the lose of moral shame and so easy leads to break the four basic precepts)

    Maybe it's interesing for someone to make investigations in this regard and may it aside of just words lead many to be inspired and try to get the benefits by even doing to understand them more and well.

    To give the topic a touch to get involved, and maybe also to get useful feedback of participator, my person adds a poll
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