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Hello all. THis is my very first post.

I was just wondering what peoples backgrounds might be, especialy regarding religious background and what peoples current beliefs are?

I was raised in a predominantly christian country and belonged to the boys brigade when I was younger but hardly ever went to church as the BB would have liked. I got nothing from my experiences with organised religion except for an impression of disaproval. Today I am a staunch unbeliever and skeptic of all things supernatural. I am however fascinated by legend and myth and find religion very interesting and I love to learn about the teachings of other cultures and maybe some more "truths" regarding the murky past of my own.
Hello ObeyTheCowGod and welcome to CR. I'm sure you'll find some answers at your questions in here. Take your time to meet the other members and enjoy your staying. :)
Welcome :)

This is a wonderfully diverse forum and you can find answers and opinions to pretty much any question you have.

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