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    I am currently taking a World Religions class and we have to interview people different religions that we are studying. I only need you to answer a few questions. I love learning about other cultures and faiths, so this is a totally judgment-free zone, I am only looking to learn! Please help me not fail my class by answering as many of the below questions as you are comfortable with. Or feel free to talk about something that is not on the list. I only have to write 250 words about the interview, so short or long answers are up to you. Thank you in advance!!

    1) Did you convert, or did you grow up in your current faith?

    2) Who has inspired/ motivated you the most in your faith?

    3) What is the most important part of your religion to you? (prayer, mediations, good works, etc)

    4) What is your favorite memory associated with your religion?

    5) What is your favorite holiday that stems from the religion?

    6) If you will have/already had children, will you raise them in the faith too?

    7) What is the common portrayal of your faith? Do you think it is accurate?

    8) What do you wish more people knew about your religion?

    9) What is the most troubling part about it? The most rewarding?

    10) How has it impacted the past/how you look at the future?

    11) What is one thing you would like a non-practicer of your faith to understand?

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