Baha'i New Year (Naw-Ruz) 175 B.E.

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    In a few days (March 21st) Baha'is will be observing "Naw-Ruz"
    On Wikipedia:
    Nowruz (Persian: نوروز‎ Nowruz, [nouˈɾuːz]; literally "new day") is the name of the IranianNew Year,[30][31 Naw-Ruz is the Vernal Equinox.
    The Baha'i calendar has nineteen months with nineteen days in each month. Each day/month is named after an attribute of God.
    For Baha'is Naw-Ruz is a Holy Day on which work and school are suspended. Naw-Ruz usually occurs on March 20th-21st. and this is the 175th year of the Baha'i Calendar which began in 1844. Baha'is will often have pic-nics and socialize with their friends on this day. Naw-Ruz also marks the end of our nineteen day Fast so it is especially welcomed.
    Happy Baha’i New Year!!

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