Leaving a Will and Testament required for Baha'is:

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    Baha'is are required to leave a Will and Testament outlining the inheritance for their children:

    "Unto everyone hath been enjoined the writing of a will." - Baha'u'llah

    A further requirement:

    "If the deceased should leave children who are under age, their share of the inheritance must be entrusted to a reliable individual, or to a company, that it may be invested on their behalf in trade and business until they come of age. The trustee should be assigned a due share of the profit that hath accrued to it from being thus employed." - Baha'u'llah

    My wife and I set up a Trust along with our Will to provide for our descendants. Without a Will the survivors may well have to resort to a Court and legal fees could be exorbitant. Baha'i Faith stresses unity and strong families.

    There is a provision that if you do not leave a Will certain distributions will be made but as yet these are not enforced.

    The following site further elucidates:

    Bahá'í Wills Testaments and Estate Law
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    A testament, on the other hand, is about one's spiritual estate. <interesting> In it many people endeavor to pass on what they have learned and what they deem most important about their life journey. A testament can be a repository of family history, a personal sermon, a list of accomplishments and/or regrets. Or, in my case, a summary of what I have always wanted to tell my loved ones that they didn't want to hear at the time, LOL! <err...yikes>

    I've never knew this part...
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    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing, arthra!

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