Happy Fathers Day

Discussion in 'Politics and Society' started by wil, Jun 18, 2018.

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    My wish for all if you with children is that as you strive through life trying to make a better way for your family, may you never have a authoritarian govt rip you children from your hands....and for those who are is such a predicament, some actual Christians stand up and stop this practice.
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    I'm planning on letting Tammy Baldwin know what I think about this (she's the reasonable senator from Wisconsin, not Ron Johnson.) I'm hoping that I can reach her office here in Milwaukee tomorrow, or I might send her an email with my thoughts on this BS/MS/PhD.

    Perhaps I should find out who my US Representative is and talk with his/her office...

    eta: Did you watch the video I posted from Stephen Colbert? It's the last post on the Drumpf thread in case you're interested.

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine

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