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What music do people use when they feel in a more relaxed, peaceful - even spiritual - mood?

May sound daft but I still absolutely love the second and third Dreadzone albums - "Second Light" and "Biological Radio" - both of which have ambient sounds which are involved enough to keep you listening.

Also broke out the Ravi Shankar this week. He's been gathering dust for a long time - when I first bought it I couldn't focus on it properly. Still can't, but it makes for some very nice basckground music. Baby Skye loves dancing to it as well. :)

Phil Thornton's "Pharaoh" is another I can really get into - I also write to that. Great sound.
I like anything with harps and flute in and anything with real folk in such as Irish. If you get a few real musicians in your room playing old gig on the fiddle and drums it beats any hifi! I used to like enya but I found it all a bit false and the same after a awhile. Some of its good but not all that great now. I used to like clannad as well but I've gone off them a bit though check out theyre earlier stuff before they did robin.
There is a French community named Taize that has some extraordinarily worshipful choral music out.
I like the Irish group Iona, and the solo albums of Maire Brennan.
Celtic music in general....Davy Spillane's pipes, Katie McMahon's voice.
Michael Card....Rich Mullins.....Third Day

Believe it or not, some of Pat Metheny's stuff puts me into an intensely positive, reflective mood.
I'm afraid I have no idea about a lot of those names. Is that because I'm cultural recluse, or is it simply because omse have not travelled well across the pond?
To cast a dangerous cliche, doesn't *all* music touch our spirit in some form?
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You are right, music is by its nature a spiritual thing, touching parts of us we don't always allow to be touched. For myself, there are some pieces of music which, when I hear them, produce a positive, life-affirming feeling in me, or perhaps get me to think of important things I sometimes forget.
I certainly agree about music touching us.

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I guess it could be sid that all music truly touches our spirit. But does it always do so in the spiritual sense? I do not think some music touches positively at all.
Spiritual Musicians Here?

Hey y'all. I'm a new member by the name of JeremiahAlexis, and I just want to say that it's wonderful to have found a place where all those chasing the Spirit can congregate and seemingly leave their dogmas at the door.

I'm a member of a two man musical collective known as TaoBrothers and like this site, we believe our mission is to bring Spiritual truths to light, through music and ministry. Our core beliefs lie in Christ and the Tao, but we are open to anything that resounds of the Spirit, and have found both of these in abundance in some seemingly strange teachings.

If you're interested in anything that you've read or simply want to hear us, our company site is www.edendust.com . We welcome all visitors, and if you like what you see, feel free to contact us.

Peace and Blessings,

Zdrastvuitsye, hola, shalom, salaam, Dia dhuit, namastar ji, hej, konbanwa, squeak, meow, :wave:, JeremiahAlexis.

My take on music is somewhat related to something that Carlos Santana said during an interview he had a few months ago. I'll try to paraphrase it.

He was asked about a program he's involved with that gives drums to schools in California and he said that he felt that drumming would bring the students/teachers/administrators together. He later said that spirituality brings people together while religion tears people apart (that was Santana saying this, not me.)

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Namaste all,

i'm listening to a few groups currently...

i listen to a lot of compilation cd's.. things from Asia mostly... there is pretty neat Asian Underground scene that started in England and has made it's way here...

in any event... one of my favorites is a band called Dead Can Dance. not Asian, but Irish, i think. quite excellent. If you've seen the movie Baraka, the opening music is from Dead Can Dance. If you've not seen Baraka, you should. it's a powerful movie.
...I like the Irish group Iona
Amazing band. Dave Bainbridge is one of my favorite players. I like Joanne Hogg's natural sounding voice, too. The whole band is great and so are the recordings. Be forewarned: There is much melancholy.... if you like that kind of thing (I do). The Uilliann pipes and flutes are especially heartrending. Dave's guitar lines burn. Overall very touching music.

...and the solo albums of Maire Brennan.
She did Two Horizons as "Moya." Some people, don't know this: she is Enya's sister. Two Horizons is one of the most beautiful albums in existence.

Believe it or not, some of Pat Metheny's stuff puts me into an intensely positive, reflective mood.
I believe it. As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls has many timeless moments.
spiritual music...

I find there are different classes of the stuff, and some is better than others... I find the "Washed In the Blood of the Lamb" type stuff to be quite sickening, although I don't mind a bit of plain song... I hate those tapes you get from religious centres and retreats which are badly recorded duos in a cheap home studios chanting mantras badly or sweetly, cloyingly speaking of the baby jesus and bathing in blood...

I generally take great dislike to music which is packaged to me as being spiritual- I like Ravi Shankar, but tell me he's doing anything other than playing his sitar and tablas well and I'll put down that CD and leave the store, quickly...

Music can be spiritual without it being especially orthodox, for instance, I love Gong, and often perform tantric visualisation exersises based on the lyrics and the archetypes it throws up when listening to it, and I enjoy that immensely, although whether that was the bands' original intention is unlikely...

I also find that in some other pieces, classical music and heavy metal, there is a great egotistical power, a dramatic build up and great unfurling of energy, or there is a almost satanic unabashedness, both of which are exceedingly intoxicating, and I have to admit I sometimes indulge in playing the air guitar and giving my two fingered salute to the invisible yet palpable crowd...