just something beautiful

it was very well put together and very beautiful.
Yes indeed, Jesus was a beautiful man himself. 2004 years on and we still talk about him, only something powerful with truth can survive so long. I’m a skeptic of all skeptics yet there is no doubt in my mind this man was the son of pure positive energy (God) that the universe is partly made of. This positivity what requires a balance here on earth and that is in constant battle with Good does test the people. Jesus came down to show us the light and he did, those that turn away from it will pay the balance in another way. The more Good, positive you are the more the negative force will pull on you to balance you on earth but stick it out, be strong. Miracles happen and there is more to life then material things, pleasure and Greed. There is love, peace, construction and happiness. "Love your enemies and forgive all".