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    A contemplation

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    Interesting ...

    As a Brit, a couple of immediate comments:

    1: It's 'trauma', not 'Traaaaarh-mah', for God's sake man, speak English. :D

    2: In 'Spinal Tap' terms, he's turned the knob way up beyond 11! In the UK, he'd have emptied the room, but for those too terrified to move.


    I'm a promoter of 'de-mystiquing' meditation and promoting the idea that listening to music, reading poetry, observing nature, looking through a telescope, etc., has the same psycho-dynamic effects as 'mindfulness meditation' with less of the negative side-effects derived from misunderstood and misrepresented religious concepts ...

    As I've said before, I know of three people who experienced their epiphanies listening to a choir, looking at a stained-glass window, watching a rose bloom.


    There was a report recently about the effects of living in an urban industrialised (city) environment, and that the person exists at a kind of low-level PTSD produced by the environment which is essentially 'hostile'. The point was the when stressed, the body produces chemicals (this is before the full-on fright: fight or flight adrenaline effect) that prepare for action ... in cities, with sudden sounds, sudden sights, etc., the body produces the chemicals all the time, and thus weakens their effect.
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