The Reality of the Rulers

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    We live in a world divided. One side says they are on the side of reason, science and logic while the other says they are one the side of faith, religion and morality. And these sides imagine themselves engaged in a Great Cultural War with the otherside, a wars to reimagined and form the world in their image, to impose the values and principle of their side on the other. It is a war that cannot be won. It is perpetual war like the imaginary wars fought by Oceania in Orwell's 1984. These wars are perpetuated in order to keep the populace confused and divided so that they remain dependent upon the Rulers who determine how they live and breath. Their primary means of control being memetic and cultural.

    We believe ourselves in control, that we have free will and volition and that it is we who control our fate. But if you are truly honest you will see that this is impossible. We are limited in our choices by biology, our biology determine what we can do and what we cannot do physically, it determines our health, how we move and on what substances our physical being in dependant on. We are limited by our environment also in a physical sense, it determines what we need and what is necessary, it limits out access to resources and many other things. We are limited in profound ways by our culture, how we think, what we know, what we say, how we dress and how we behave.

    We are limited by so many other concepts that they are too numerous to mention and the ways they limit us are myriad, we are limited by Time and Space and a whole host of things relative to them.

    These things determine everything we are. How is being limited by such thing equal to free volition and free will. If your choices are limited to having an apple and an orange and you choose the apple over the orange, you are not exercising free will. You are merely exercising the illusion of free will because you really didn't have a choice, you were limited.

    This is how the rulers keep us in control, by division, by limiting our choices and divided those who choose or are one thing against the other. It is always how it worked. We must understand that our Rulers are real and they wish to keep us ignorant, in their thrall and at each others throats. How many of us even acknowledge their existence? How many of us acknowledge that we are not free but we are slaves? How many of us are in denial of the truths that lie before us?
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    All but the Elect, I presume?

    Have you cracked the first mystery yet, which is the last mystery, which is the twenty-and-fourth?

    Just pulling your leg a bit, of course :cool:

    Welcome to the desert of the real Interfaith Forums! Here's to many interesting discussions.

    How do you experience the Archons? Do they manifest in limited choices of pepsi or coke, pest or cholera? Do they have more personal, er, personifications in your life?
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    Well, not a world, really. The above issues are not issues outside the American-Euro sphere of influence. You're ignoring Russia, China, India, the Middle East, Africa, the Far East ...

    And then again, this 'war' is one primarily of the middle classes, and the educated middle classes ... no-one else has the time, interest or inclination in such observations ... it's a false war, as we've discussed elsewhere, but it is proposed by those who have an interest in seeing its continuance in support of their own rather cock-eyed agendas.
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