Baha'i Holy Day: Declaration of the Bab May 23rd

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    The year 1844 in the Gregorian calendar was a year of expectancy in North America in a movement known as the Millerite movement when the Return of Christ was expected. Similarly in the Middle East was a time of expectancy when the appearance/return of the Twelfth Imam as well as the Qa'im and Mihdi were expected.

    Baha'is around the world observe this day and refrain from work and school.

    Siyyid Ali Muhammad Shirazi known as the Bab (Gate) announced His station to Mulla Husayn at the home of the Bab in Shiraz Persia on May 22-23 1844.

    "If the whole world should arise to deny this cause, we must not fight. Our only role is to spread the teachings. If it be accepted, all is well; if not, leave the people to God."

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