The hippies were right

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    The hippies were right, I have to agree it is all about vibrations or as I refer to it as either frequencies or timelines. Over my lifetime I have had thousands of out of body experiences and astral projections of varying degrees. Many people with sleep paralysis will talk of experiencing vibrations or an extreme jolt that happens prior to the experience. My experiences are primarily with those I refer to as shadows. a shadow will enter into you and then match your vibration with their vibration to pull you into their timeline.

    As for consciousness this is also a very interesting question, I believe it has to do with time or how many times you or your mind has become itself again and again. Not all minds are the same and not all minds are allowed this is the difference as to how some things seem more conscious then others. All life will have to go through a test to become something here all the time, this is like the ideas presented in evolution, you have to become something here many times to become something all the time, how successful will you as a new species be? Allowed minds are a collection of time since the beginning of this world they can contain life from the first things that formed on this planet up to present time. A mind that has just started to become itself will not be connected as those that are much bigger and older and that have many more minds then a new mind to figure things out.

    I have seen both animate objects and inanimate objects reconstructed to become themselves again in the after once finding the time they are layered on. All things seem to fall into five major timelines to become everything together again.

    Thanks for sharing this article

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    This is interesting stuff.
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