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  1. Thanks, I have downloaded it. We all need the mind of "beginners" but easier said than done. I will look up the chapter you are reading but really, don't expect any particular insight.

    As I have posted now a couple of times, I will be sticking to my own little thread on the Buddhist section regarding Saichi. Without saying much, I'm afraid some of the threads on this section are slipping into directions I personally find unpalatable, and - for me - pointless.
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    It's okay, I wasn't expecting any insight... That might come at a later date, or it might not, but I'll just remain open.

    I'll look forward to reading on your thread. Within the ebb and flow of the list, I think I was a couple of posts past the flow and already into the ebb myself ;), but I enjoyed being part of the flow this time. Sort of a rarity for me but it was great.
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