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    Meat eating causes wars, illness, un-controllable lust, draught ---but this knowledge is above the head and shoulders of western civilisation's grand-parentage.

    The karmic-payback for enmass meat eating is documented generation after generation ---just analyse the last two centuries by counting and comparing pound-for-pound the mutual losses ---cadaver-to-cadaver.

    Such societies will incur enemies that may or may not seem befitting the "Good-guys" side.

    Vandal vs Romans perennially.

    In regards to "be like your father in Heaven" ---do you suppose that "fox-hunting" & factory farming & gentlemen-Farmers all occur in heaven?

    How does one Logically compute via,
    "By each according to his works",
    the cosmic "Price" accured to one-self [or to a mass of patrons],
    the "cost" of a beast's carcass for thanksgiving?

    How long does it take to tally-up mass karmic pay-back?
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    Flesh eating begets violence and non-compassion and the illogic fantasy of obtaining peace in an enviroment of butcher-based society.

    Vegetarianism as a sublime means of eating, is borne of ordhodox yoga disiplines ---therefore the higher goal of "a-himsa" (No-violence) ergo, "shanti" (peace) can be achieved.

    Please review the Greek & hebrew terms, and kindly, verify or deny their veracity:

    I'd like to cut and paste the whole Bible text, but for here are the Chapter/Verse of mention of NONE-FLESH EATING:

    Old Testiment RE-CAP:

    gen 1:29 [vs. Gen 9:3 ~immediately after recovery from the flood].

    gen 9:4-5

    num 11:33

    Isaiah 1:11,15

    Isaiah 66.3

    Leviticus 3:17

    Regarding, "Thou shall not Kill" ---reference:

    The hebrew words are: 'Lo tirtzach' ---according to Dr Reuben Alcalay's 'Complete Hebrew/English Dictionary', 'tirtzach' refers to any kind of killing.

    Christ was vegetarian ---there are 19 Gospel referneces to 'meat' all have been mis-translated from the original Greek Bible text:

    Greek (3 of references) - English meaning:
    Broma (4) - 'food' Romans 14:15, 20-21; I Corinthians 8:8, 10:3
    Brosis (4) - 'the act of eating' Romans 14:17
    Brosimos (1) - 'that which may be eaten'
    Phago (3) - 'to eat' Luke 8:55
    Prosphagon (1) - 'anything to eat'
    Trophe (6) - 'nourishment' John 4:8, Acts 9:19, Acts 27:33-36
    Trapesa (?) - 'table' "...They set a table before him ..." Acts 16:34

    Thus, John 21:5 "Have ye any meat" ---is incorrect. it should have been translated:
    "Have ye 'anything to eat'"

    Regarding, "FISH" ---reference: The secret & mystical symbol/Password for "Christian" in Roman Prosecution Times, derived from the Greek word for fish, ICHTHUS ---forming the acronym: Iesous Christos Theou Uios Soter (Jesus Christ Son of God Saviour)

    New Testiment RE-CAP:

    Matt 3:4 ~(the word 'locusts' used here means Locust beans, aka, carob, aka, St John's bread)
    Luke 8:55 ~the word used here is 'phago' (to eat).
    Isaiah 7:14,15 ~prophets predict Jesus's diet: "... Butter & Honey shall he eat ..."
    Luke 24:41-43 ~Note the words used, Jesus was offered two things 'Fish and a honeycomb' "... and he took it . . ." indicates that he choose one of the two judging from Isaiah 7:15 [the word used here is 'brosimos' (eatable)].

    See the Offence for fleash eating:

    Greek word for FLESH is: 'kreas'
    I Corinthians 8:13
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    I would agree that eating a lot of meat is undesirable and bad for your health.

    However, a small amount is beneficial to health.
    It is a good source of iron, b vitamins and protein.

    You can have too much of a "good" thing. Greed promotes greed.
    ..which in turn can lead to violence, I would agree.
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