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  1. Liverpool, a lovely city from what I have seen. Here with our daughter and two grandchildren. Some nice chats with the locals. On a Stadium Tour of Anfield (daughter keen Liverpool fan) we entered the Away Team dressing room. Shirts of Messi and other stars hanging up. Me (Spurs fan of 55 years):- "Where's the Harry Kane shirt?" Answer " Harry WHO? "

    Trip on the Big Liverpool Wheel, a ferry 'cross the Mersey. Buildings in the city centre a beautiful mixture of ancient and modern, brick, glass and steel. Lots of statues dotted about. Have a nice picture now of me with my best mates, The Beatles.

    Another statue at Anfield of the late great Bill Shankly, "He Made The People Happy". Yes he did.

    Plenty of buskers, one black guy down by the docks blowing his trumpet, a plaintive sound, wavering.......a few homeless in doorways.

    My daughter laid a memorial sheet from the funeral of a friend at the 96 Memorial at Anfield, a fellow Liverpool fan.

    Tiring, but worth the effort.


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