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    Ok, so this guy was due to get married right. So a few days before he's getting nervous and pacing n stuff. He's pacing and keeps saying day, two day, weddingday ... one day, two day, wedingday, one day two day wedingday. He just keeps pacing and repeating this. So finally the big day arrives .., wedding day. It comes and goes and he finally is able to consumate with his new bride. Well, they were up and at it all night. Anyway, he's gotta go to work the morning after, so he gets outta bed, gets ready and while in shower he keeps repeating oh lord ... help me get thru day help me get thru day, and all day long he keeps thinking this. Ok, so he makes it thru the day. Then he gets home is able to rest and is thinking, tomorrow will be a fine day. so he gets thru the next day which was a fine day. then he starts thinking I'll sit around today, so that's what he did. He sat a day, then the next day was sunny so he called that day sunday ... and that's how the days of the week came to be.
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