Is there any point?


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Lots of faiths derive from a belief or have this belief deep in their religion. That life is some sort of battle between Good and Evil or between Yin and Yan etc.

I'd just like to ask; what makes people want to join into this battle? and can we actually make a difference to what goes on in the world?

I think that sometimes history seems like its showing theres no point because the things that actually effect life are out of our control.

What is the power of the individual?

Sometimes I think to myself that to lead by example, if I want a world with lots of compassion and love (which I do) I should do it myself, and not be involved with all the battles, cynicism, arguements and just generally looking down on everyone else that seems to occupy alot of my school mates lives.

Is it helping the world cause of good against bad if I just sit in my living room and jam with my mates playing Jazz?
I was raised by an atheist, turned "Zen" "enthusiast" you might say. My dad always raised me to just be a decent, truthful person. I have always felt very deep "spirituality" and have off and on looked for a label of some sorts. I never really worried much about heavan/hell and all of that until a few years ago when I was struck with anxiety attacks for the first time in my life and my sense of reality and stability was completely shaken up... I started to feel the need for a higher "helper" I guess. Or in essence, I think I just had the shi* scared out of me! Anyway- since then I've gained control of the anxiety and feel I've survived a really "trippy" experience and so now I can relate to others in the same boat, and also never underestimate the power of the mind/body connection. My spirit was reacting to a situation I was living with and begging me to take notice.... I wondered if perhaps "God" was trying to tell me something... Since then I have looked into many paths and learned alot about different philosophies/religions... Buddhism has been closest to my own personal philosophies and I have gained alot from what Ive learned, though I still wouldn't label myself that way.. ANYWAY- I repilied to this thread because the "good/evil" topic reminded me of the nightmare I had last night, I don't often have them but when I do, I find myself awakening and wondering if that is what "hell" would be like. Being trapped in this surreal, ugly world of no escape.... It took me a while to fall back to sleep last night as I wondered about this. Than today as I was driving I was thinking how tragic it is that we as humans even have to think about "hell". That if "hell" (the idea of a hell) was something created by human men to keep people in fear, than how aweful! Being that I was someone raised by an atheist and I have these thoughts, I can only imagine how terrifying it must be for someone who was raised that "hell" is an actual reality for "sins"... I guess I am with you on the idea of "jamming in your living room' as contributing to the good in the world. There is a huge spiritual high in music and the unity of jamming with others.... Thanks for letting me ramble,
I suspect a big part of the "good vs evil" notion is very effective at appealing to our biological nature, which sees us in social groups defending ourselves against outside threats.
I think that is part of who we are. We have the choice to believe something or not to believe it.

I don't think the answers are found in any one single organized religion, but you can find some good answers and experiences of others there. I do believe there are few churches abroad who are sincerly trying to do the best they know, but far and few in between. So I dont put too much trust in just religions.

As for a 'power', I see where we are still limited wether we believe something or not. That is part of being a mortal.
But faith is something different to me. It was very difficult for me to STEP OUT on faith in God and build a trust with Him. I think the most difficult thing is trying to SEE something that you can't see with earthly eyes.

Its like closing your eyes and walking across a high dive. That can be scary. But you know there is something there if you fall, and hopefully the water wont hurt too much.:D

So yes, it is very hard to recognise that something is there that we can't see physically. That is something that takes time to learn how to do.
Love is invisible, but we know it is there and has a lot of power and can be seen through actions, but most of the time Love itself you cannot see.
Thoughts are invisible, but they also have a power.

Another thing to consider is doubt. Something can be real, but when you doubt it, you dont give it a chance.

So the hardest part is probably accepting something that we cannot see. Then the other thing is being sure what you are trying to accept has a good background. If it is real, like I believe God is real, it will manifest itself to you, but not until after we give it a chance.
It is an individual walk, no matter what you try or choose. Believe or not believing.

As for good and evil, well, people have to be kind of blind IMO to not see there is good and evil.:)

I am still learning about these things too. Those are just some of my thoughts about it.
i am sure you effect people everyday in positive ways and you have no idea. so i would say you are probably contributing a lot to the world having more compassion in it just by being in it...there are a lot more people than you might think who have no desire in them whatsoever to care about anything besides their own gratification and just the fact you do care really comes through i am sure in your interactions

also i feel hopeless about interfering with "good and evil" most of the time i feel like the safest thing is to become as detached as possible.