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    A fine example of where cultural tradition overthrows religious tradition ...
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    Politicians use any opportunity to convince the public God is on their side and in doing this politicians receive blinded support from the masses. In some sense politicians shepherd their flock to carryout their bidding. Jesus was a shepherd, politicians are shepherds and so are church leaders.
    The masses are conditioned to follow charismatic people perhaps because we need someone to lead the way sometimes to our own demise.

    As pointed out.
    I agree, my generation had their day of change, now the torch is passed. I hope they choose wisely and with much vigor.
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    Scripture comes first, though in some cases it is oral scripture. In my religion scripture was written down right away. In the case of Islam it was not collected until a couple of decades later, but before that it was written down on various things and memorized, so what we have is very close to what was revealed.

    What you said first was right about Buddhist scripture. It was not first written down until 400 years later in the Theraveda school. Mahayana was written down later.

    "The Pāli canon was written down during the 1st century BCE to preserve the teaching in a time of war and famine."
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    The Pali Canon was first written down in the south of India, or Sri Lanka, by a very conservative school who held on to oral transmission for a long time. In the north, there was writing already, and the schools there were less ossified, but did not survive into our time, with the exception of Mahayana, whose early scriptures are considered contemporary with the Pali Canon.

    And in some cases, scripture was retrofitted, such as when Vergil decided Roman religion needed an epic like the Hellenistic one did.

    In other cases, the oral tradition was only recorded after a religion had died out more or less, as with the Icelandic sagas.

    Examples of recent "scripture first" religions would be Thelema, and Scientology. They both show the design process plainly.

    I always considered it an interesting fact that the Baha'i scripturrs were translated so late, compared to the date when the religion was started. Or the Bab's writings, which are hardly translated at all. An example of "scripture last, tradition first"?

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