Have you ever had a dream that disturbed you because it felt so real?

Discussion in 'Belief and Spirituality' started by Noema Novel, Jan 27, 2020.

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    Have you ever experienced something you couldn’t explain, or had a dream that disturbed you because it felt so real? Have you ever tried to explain this to anyone only to be told that you have “an over-active imagination”?

    Since everyone perceives everything in their mind, “reality” can only ever be what our minds make it, so that what seems real to us is real. Do you agree that if more people accepted this, they might be kinder and more tolerant to one another?

    Are you willing to help make this happen by sharing your own experiences of your reality with others who will not judge or criticise it but will accept it on its own terms?
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    Welcome, Noema Novel! There's an introductions sub-forum here, it would be nice to learn some more things about you. Hope you enjoy this forum at least as much as I do!


    Well... some of these perceptions are more coherent than others. My waking experience has a degree of context and continuity which dreams don't exhibit. The persons I interact with when awake also exhibit these traits of sameness and change, while the persons in my dreams don't usually remember what happened in previous dreams, if they reappear at all.

    All of this I observe to hold for other altered modes of perception as well, such as certain meditation states: they simply don't hold together as well as waking state consciousness.

    From all this I infer that there are different degrees of reality, some more "real" in these respects, others less.

    Depends. There certainly are some hellish realities being experienced by some people. I'm not sure the world will be a better place if we just say "you do your thing, it's all subjective anyway" to someone caught up in some state of violent paranoia. A clinically depressed person experiencing the reality of abyssal desperation and hopelessness is not well served by us tolerating their anguish. Someone building a reality in their minds where skin color or gender or religion determines who is excluded from participation in said reality, should be opposed in their efforts rather than met with tolerance for their visions.

    That's basically what this forum is. Welcome again!
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    They sound like totally disconnected questions....are they?

    While I've had dreams that felt real...they diminished after I left that reality. When I awoke I could be shocked confused, but none stuck with me for days...although I have had some reoccurring dreams.

    Of course, to me, the world could use some tolerance and compassion for others.

    He says even though he has no compassion for intolerance or tolerance for the uncompassionate.
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    I have had thousands of obes and astral projections in my life, these experiences until recently went unexplained for me. I have come to a much better understanding of dreams and our minds and how the brain interprets this.

    I am going to try to explain how I have come to understand dreams. First off we must separate the brain and the mind as they both experience differently. I would even go as far as to say the brain does not dream it only tries to interpret what minds are trying to show it. I am not saying the brain is not part of the experience I am only saying the dream is not created by the brain.

    When we dream the mind becomes active and minds around you will start to interact with your mind creating realistic environments. The more real a dream is the more time it has, some people can understand this by using pixels as an example the more pixels you have the more real the image becomes the fewer pixels the less time a mind has. The length of the experience is also effected by the amount of time the mind has in it, making the experience longer or shorter. The other factor is location, it's a big world so dreams are mostly going to be of time around you and not time from other places to find this kind of time you have to know how to find it, examples of this might be remote viewing.

    Why we have trouble recalling dreams might be due to the fact that the mind is experiencing and that the brain is not able to keep up so when we enter back into ourselves we are moving into a brain that is not able to process all the information fast enough to retain everything you saw or experienced.

    Most people only perceive things with their brain and not their mind they do not know how to separate the two. People are what they are doing what is right is not that hard as long as you have a solid line to follow.

    I am more then happy to share with anyone that is willing to listen.

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    Yeah.. had a nightmare once, didn't sleep for 3 days after that :D

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