Corona virus vs religious tradition..

FYI, the former Indian President, Dr. Pranab Mukherjee, died of complications due to Coronavirus - August 31, 2020.


Slaves....wake up...and RISE UP!
Yawn. These long ranty covid conspiracy posts are putting me to sleep. You have said your piece and laboured it to death dozens of times here already. It's really boring now. And you still refuse to provide a twig of real evidence. Give it a break, man
Wait...why are you allowed to use sarcasm,and to censor for *soapboxing*(whatever that means. Dude, everyone does that, I've seen plenty of preachy *soapboxy* posts on these forums, and arguments and debates between individuals, and people using sarcasm or just did with me)...but some people/views aren't allowed to do that? Such as myself.
I'm merely engaging in debate. And I've done as you guys have asked and stopped swearing and being as graphic as I was. My comments you've censored and *moved due to *soapboxing* were merely RESPONSES ...counter arguments to others arguments(or lack thereof)...and I presented evidences and reference points for others to check out. Is that why you're so afraid of what I'm saying? Because I'm backing it up? Why arw you so afraid of hearing truth and evidence based facts and views different from yours because you have a arbitrary bias against *conspiracy theorism* and conspiratologists?
And more importantly, ok, that's your opinion to want to br so dismissive of such and not LOOK at presented evidence and reference points to go check out and fairly weigh and consider. But who are you to decide FOR OTHERS what they are or are not allowed to see, read, consider, look at, and go check out? Just because you have arbitrary pseudi skeptical biases against such...without even LOOKING at and considering in order to make that conclusion.
I guess I should thank you though...for proving my points, my arguments, and the evidences and references I've supplied.
You don't wanna check em out and then analyze them afterwards. Ok. But who are you to decide FOR OTHERS what they are and are not allowed to see, read, make up their minds for them?

I stopped the swearing or graphic language ad you requested(used a couple of PG euphemisms since perhaps, really you have a problem with that?). So why them am I not allowed to make counter argument responses to others arguments/responses and to present my evidences(as you guys repeatedly ASKED me to do before I figured out how to cut/paste links in my borrowed from a cousin I didn't know yet...because I'm not very tech savvy, but I figured it out...and have started to do so as you all requested...and your gonna censor or ban that?). What's good enough for you?
Thank you for proving my points.!

Btw, when I used that phrase *slaves...wake up...rise up!*
I wasn't trying to be insulting, if that's what you thought of it. I was actually suggesting that WE ALL(myself included)are slaves...being treated like such, and was saying WE ALL should resist, wake up and rise up.
You don't wanna check em out and then analyze them afterwards. Ok. But who are you to decide FOR OTHERS what they are and are not allowed to see, read, make up their minds for them?
They are too long and boring and badly written, And there are just millions of them and they just keep repeating themselves. You're not discussing anything, You're just shouting your own opinions at everybody and telling everyone what they have to think and believe.

You are SO repetitive and SO boring with your covid conspiracy theory. And you cannot provide facts or evidence -- just lots and lots and lots and lots ... of words.

As for others, I'm pretty sure most of them have pressed the ignore button on you by now. We're not idiots or children here. Stop repeating yourself
Was it that I exposed them and Gates by providing evidence through referencing Gates 2020060606 (2029, 666) patent? Evidence, cold real fact. Why else would you choose to censor/ban/remove only that particular post? Hmmmm?
To real for ya? To basec in real fact and evidence for ya?
Isn't that what you've been demanding I provide all along?

Here's an idea. Instead of arbitrarily censoring, banning, deleting people or their posts and applying double standards(why is I can't say these things and provide evidence but say Cino can make a post baselessly accusing Sam Harris of being racist...w/out providing evidence for such extreme accusation...slander/libel/defamation, ....and that's ok? That doesnt get censored or deleted or banned or even called out?).
Here's another idea, how about like thinking adults you I dunno maybe make reasoned counter arguments, provide counter evidence, instead of refusing to even do that and simply telling your debate opponent they're a crazy nut or nutty tinfoil conspiracy loon and being dismissive and applying double standards and not take on the responsibility as a thinking adult to simply counter argue? Maybe?
Intellectual laziness and intellectual cowardice is all this is.

I did provide evidence, 1)in the way of that video...which you just refuse to look at dismissively, and 2) by referencing that Gates patent.
I can provide more. But you'll probably just dismiss and ignore w/out looking and weighing/considering and censor, delete or ban it and arbitrarily punish me for it and then insult me as a *conspiracy theorist nut*.
This ain't *conspiracy theory* pal, this is proven and provable conspiracy FACT.
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) by referencing that Gates patent.
What patent? Reference it again please. Let's have a look. The video is just more boring conspiracy rubbish, I couldn't pay attention
Here's another idea, how about like thinking adults you I dunno maybe make reasoned counter arguments, provide counter evidence,
I just removed it because it was the third one of three long, interminable and boring tracts. I didn't even read it. I just skimmed it quickly. It's impossible to argue counter evidence against someone who provides no evidence. Stop repeating yourself
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Oh sorry. I missed it. You mean this patent:

Does Microsoft Own Patent ‘666’ About Implanting Microchips in People?

What's True
Microsoft published a patent for a "cryptocurrency system using body activity data." This patent is filed under the number WO2020060606A1.

What's False
The number WO2020060606A1 contains three "6's" but is obviously not the same as "666." This patent focuses on tracking body activity via wearable technology, such as a smart watch, and makes no mention of implanted microchips.

However snopes is obviously lying. Whether they've actually read the patent? Myth busted.
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And I'm not simply repeating myself. Yes I've repeated a few of my points a few times, but in those posts I've also made new arguments, made new points, provided new evidences...or directed towards reference points I hadn't in other posts. It's called argument, counter argument, argument, counter argument, etc, that's called debate my adult my friend.
And in also provided a further set of evidences in one of my last posts(or referenced or directed towards evidence...others can easily look up and find out are true)...about how all these powerful aristocrats that are destroying middle class small businesesses(while letting monopoly/crony corporations remain in business,etc) and fear mongering about how black death bubonic plague like covid is and using that as an excuse to impose provably Orwellian, draconian, totalitarian rules on all the serfs of the human population...or else, while they are repeatedly caught not following their own rules, about how that is indicative of that they obviously know something we don't(or they don't want us to know)that either the virus isn't real...or at least if it is....its not as dangerous as they are pounding into our heads that it is(or else they'd not take those risks so fearlessly themselves).
Tell me how this is not evidence, or is not a reasonable argument, and isn't highly suspicious?
You think snopes is a reliable source?
Snopes is ABSOLUTELY one of the most establishment controlled outfits there is.
Just look up some of the complaints people have made about its blatant sociopolitical biases, double standards.
Its disinformation.
As for Snopes denial of the obvious there in that article. Pullleeeaase! Tell me that these things being so blatantly clear in their timing and in their numerology and Gates clear vested interests as a super billionaire eugenicist and transhumanist(this isnt a theory btw, but a proven FACT) can you believe that such astronomically improbable synchronicities are just coincidences?
And yes, it IS 666. Dude, just putting zeros inbetween the 6s doesnt prove that its not highly suspicious. Zero is literally a non number number, being used here as a placeholder. Zero literally means NOTHING. In other words....empty space, how best to hide a truth...but between 2 or 3 or 3 lies.
He/they only put the zeros between this otherwise highly suspicious number or use if the number because zero literally represents an empty space, nothing. It's still 666.
And the fact that it is a patent directly linked to cyber money and to(and this is alluded to in the actual patent as is the cyber money or cyber credits thing) their idea of a social credit score or cyber money subvert real money, ie. A cashless society. And the plan to either if not chip people under their skin(mark of the beast in prophecies) then at least(in the short term....then the long term is to get us accustomed to this and condition people to eventually as per transhumanist be directly chipped) the short wear this system in some a bracelet or watch(or a social money credit via a special card...carried in the person at all least when they want to go out to engage in commerce)...some kind of tech on our use as a new money system...another form of fiat currency...but digital instead of direct, and the tech can also be used to monitor your heartrate, your nervous systems impulses, and your exact location, ie...constant monitoring of people...even their private persons bodies(and minds.)...and perhaps to send mind control, biology control. This technology...they openly admit and anyone who understands these technologies knows that at least in theory....they can be very easily used in this fashion,
Why do you think they've spent all these years slowly getting us accustomed to and even loving such tech...via our AI computers and cell phones, via wearable popular tech that measures your heartrate, the miles you've walked in a day, your location, everyone knows these techs do this. Not everyone really realizes the Orwellian implications...and that these techs send that deeply personal info to the cloud...which they can access and do access(as do their AI they have programmed according to their biases and agendas). That this is the ultimate fulfillment of a 1984 style(worse actually) spy state that monitors and controls our everyday lives...and has the potential to send signals to manipulate our nervous systems/biology and various centers of our brain systems(minds....SOULS).
Are you telling me and expecting me any every other thinking, rational, same person to believe all this rolling out of these things at this exact time...exploiting a pandemic(a proven relatively minor in type and degree one) ...are you expecting us to really believe this all and the timing is merely a coincidence? That is astronomically improbable, mathematically absurd! These are not coinci5...they're synchronicities...and they are blatantly obviously manufactured synchronicities.
Anyone who has read Orwell(1984 especially) or watched any dystopic movies(from hunger games to v for vendetta, to they live, to the matrix, to soylent green to so many others) or who has read prophecies from various religions/cultures and their books, should be able to as clear as day see...and realize what is really happening here and should be able to recognize it.
Many of us do, sadly...,many others...clearly don't. Clearly have been effectively brainwashed and mind controlled and programmed to be WILLFULLY BLIND!
And programmed to dismiss, mock, and silence....those who do see, whose minds are free, who are awake and have taken that red pill, just like in the matrix movies...they are programmed to be unwilling or unable to see what's right in front of them...and to turn on each other or on those who do see and who have awakened characters in that movie....being take over by the machines or the matrix...transforming into Smith to target or mock or silence or shame the people who have joined the resistance.

I will not be contrite to this willing blindness and to the tyranny, nor be silenced by Smith's. I will put forth the facts, the evidences, the reasoned arguments such agents desire to ignore, dismiss, .shame, and worse of all...silence so others cannot see, hear, look at, weigh and consider and make up their own minds.

I have presented evidences and reference points and reference to precedents too. If you want to call that merely crazy conspiracy theorist tinfoil hat nuttery , ignore and dismiss w/our even LOOKING and considering before you do, and to silence, guilt, and censor...that is your choice.
I've tried to meet reasoned demands to not swear and use vulgar language and apologized for that...and get it , I understand the reasoning behind such rules. But this nonsense rule arbitrarily and double standardly applied of this made up non-argument idea of rules against *soapboxing* or other such intellectually dishonest and lazy excuses for rules. Sorry, not sorry...won't bend the knee to such arbitrarily and hypocritical authoritarian nonsense!
Snopes is ABSOLUTELY one of the most establishment controlled outfits there is.
Whatever. In this case, Snopes is right. You are wrong. You're just ranting, man. Thread closed for further replies.
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You dismiss conspiratology and the very notion of conspiracy being a reality w/out even examining the evidence or even looking at it.
No, I do look at the evidence. Had you been here a few weeks earlier, you will have seen me pushing my own 'conspiracy theories' which now, thankfully, are creeping out into the public domain – the profiteering by friends and fellow-travellers of the top tier of our (UK) current administration, the billions of public money that has been siphoned off on nonsense PPE deals, plus the whole test-and-trace fiasco, etc., etc.

So the mark is look at the evidence, cross-check what can be checked, and draw a conclusion.

Too often, conspiracy theorists have been found to be sensationalist but without foundation.

Even with all the historical precedent for all of global history...
That's a logical fallacy:
Account 'A' unveiled evidence of a cover-up.
Account 'B' reads like account 'A', therefore
Account 'B' unveiled evidence of a cover-up.
Whereas, in reality, account 'B' could well be a fantasy, that just sounds like a cover-up, and is believed by people who want to believe...

I could mention such 'conspiracies' as Cold Fusion, Piltdown Man, the Zinoviev Letter, the Hitler Diaries, Nicholas Notovitch's "Life of Saint Issa" ... so history is replete with 'fake news' stories.

And recently we have Intelligent Design, Flat Earth, 9-11 demolition of the Two Towers, etc., etc.

Conspiracy has been a feature of our world at various levels of societies and power structures in all countries, nations, and cultures forever.
Exactly. It's a facet of human nature to seek some unseen outside agency responsible for manipulating events in the seen world.

It's there in the origins of theatre, when man is presented as the plaything of the Fates.

Basically, we want to believe that someone is in control, for good or ill, because that's more comforting than the idea that the world just ... happens ... a world in which 'shit happens' without rhyme or reason.

So we wants reasons. and then we get into a kind of feedback loop, looking for reasons for the reasons, then reasons for the reasons for the reasons.

And, to quote Kurt Vonnegut, "So it goes."


I'm not saying there are conspiracies, not at all.

But the advent of Social Media/YouTube/etc gives a platform for all and sundry to bandstand their own pet theories. So the actual uncovering of conspiracies tends to be long, rather dry, and not presented as sensationally as entertainment.

So, how do you distinguish between actual conspiracy, and fake news?

Look hard.

Truthstream: the platform for such nonsense as "bioengineering vaccines", "eugenicist water", "mind control" and other such popular memes. A little looking into the background of the murder of Seth Rich shows that Aaron and Melissa Banks run anything that fits their agenda, regardless of its veracity ...
Bellingcat on the other hand uncovered the Salisbury Poisonings by officers of the GRU, and a number of other attemped conspiracies.

people suddenly became better and more *informed* (read disinformed, more intensely brainwashed...
This is exactly what's happening with people like Trump supporters who buy his 'fake news' agenda, the robbed election, etc.

Information is not the problem. People's capacity for detachment and discernment is the problem. People believe not what is true, but what they want to believe.
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Well since @Thomas as a moderator was able to reply after the thread was closed, I suppose we have to reopen it, lol ...
Bill gates started the covid pandemic in order to introduce a vaccine to inject the world population with microchips to make slaves of them for the New World Order.

The proof of this is Microsoft patent WO2020060606A1 for a "cryptocurrency system using body activity data."

Obviously this decodes as:

World Order 2020 666 Artificial Intelligence.

Anyone who actually reads the patent will understand it focuses on tracking body activity via wearable technology, such as a smart watch, and makes no mention of implanted microchips.

But obviously anyone who tells you that is lying to you. So ...