Baha'i Holy Day Declaration of the Bab May 22nd-23rd


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Redlands, California
The Declaration of the Bab is a Baha'i Holy Day coming up May 22nd- 23rd later this week. Siyyid Ali Muhammad Shirazi declared He was the "Bab" (the Gate) the Promised One first to Mullah Husayn on May 22nd 1844 C.E. and in the Muslim calendar in 1260 A.H. in Shiraz, Persia (Iran). Baha'is observe the Holy Day by abstaining from work and school and host meetings for prayers.

Some years later Baha'u'llah revealed

Tablet of the Sacred Night
This Tablet descended from the Realm of Holiness on the Sacred Night. His Word, Exalted may He be:

He is the Most Glorious

Praise be to Thee, O my God. I call upon Thee by Thy Name, whereby Thou didst save Adam from Satan, and didst deliver Noah from the deluge, Abraham from the flames, Moses from Pharaoh, the Spirit of God (Jesus) from the Jews, and Muhammad from the Abu Jahl of that time;

And by Thy Name, by means of which the breezes of Thy munificence wafted over the bodies of contingent beings and the sun of Thy loving-kindness rose on all who dwell upon the earth and in the heavens;

And by Thy Name, whereby every poor one standing before the gate of the city of Thy wealth gained self-sufficiency, everyone abased before the manifestations of Thy grandeur gained honor, and everyone remote from the wonders of Thy grace and beneficence drew nigh;

And by Thy Name, whereby the Daystar dawned above the horizon of thy glorious Providence, the pavilions of splendor were raised in the realm of Thy charity, and the trees of divine Unity were planted in the garden of Thy benevolence;

Then by Thy Name, whereby all faces turned toward the Countenance of Oneness, all souls advanced toward the shore of Thy majestic Nearness and Presence, whereby the hearts of the Near Ones were launched like birds into the atmosphere of Thine imposing Greatness, and the intellects of the Sanctified Ones quaffed from the chalice of Thy Sublimity.

By Thy Name I beseech Thee to look, O my Beloved, with Thy generous gaze, upon these persons, who are sleepless during this Night that Thou hast designated a festival for Thy creatures, wherein Thou shonest forth by Thy Name, the All-Merciful, upon the entire contingent world, and wherein the Beauty of Thy Divinity mounted the Throne of Forgiveness.

Praise be to Thee! I beseech Thee by this Night, and by them who remained wakeful during it to send down upon them the most perfect good, the finest beneficence, the richest treasure, the most exquisite beauty, the most evident revelation, the soundest utterance, the most enduring sovereignty, the most flawless word, the most ancient grace, the most potent sign, the Greatest Name, the most ideal benevolence, the most glorious Glory, the most sublime splendor, the most mighty power, the most clear authorization, the most abiding Book, the most fruitful fruits.

For they have, O my God, gathered around Thee on the Day whereon all the inhabitants of earth have scattered and deserted Thee. They have set out for Thy shrine when all have turned away from it.

I ask Thee at this time, O my God, to transform their grief into a joy that Thou bestowest upon them, and their distress into a delight that deriveth from Thee. Then impart to them, O my God, from the clouds of Thy mercy, showers whereby there shall grow in their breasts the plants of wisdom and the herbs of the garden of Thy divine Unity.

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Tablet of the Sacred Night