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    Yesterday was the Feast of St Bonaventure —

    Born 1221 (five years before the death of St Francis), baptized John, he received the name Bonaventure when he became a Franciscan at the age of 22.

    At one point Bonaventure was teaching at the University in Paris at the same time as Thomas Aquinas, although there is no record of the two having known each other.

    He rose through the Franciscan hierarchy and was eventually elected to be their General Minister.

    It's worth a note that he was embroiled in conflict within the order. One such was the idea that St Francis had inaugurated a 'New Age' of spirituality, in which devotion to the Holy Spirit would replace Jesus, the Church and Scripture. The idea then of a 'New Age' is ever-present ...

    Bonaventure was a rarity because he was an effective legislator and administrator, whilst totally imbued with the Christocentric spirituality of the order's founder. More importantly, his own spiritual vision and mystical writings refreshed and revitalised what, looking back, we designate Franciscan spirituality or, the Franciscan chrism.

    Bonaventure is a saint and Doctor of the Church, the Seraphic Doctor — so called because of the writings 'The Journey of the Soul into God':
    "For through those six wings (of the Seraphim) there can be rightly understood six suspensions of illumination, by which the soul as if to certain steps or journeys is disposed, to pass over to peace through ecstatic excesses of Christian wisdom... The likenesses of the six seraphic wings intimates six stair-like illuminations, which begin from creatures and lead through even to God, to Whom no one rightly enters except through the Crucified." (from the Prologue)
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