Metalhead is my religion(heavy metal as religion)

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    Metalheads often say that metal us not just a music preference/taste and/or fashion statement(though certainly it is ALSO this), but a worldwide meta culture, a tribe, and yes many will also say....a religion.
    I echo that. I have my own theological and cosmological beliefs of course(PaDeism) and my own philosophical inclinations and influences that inform my worldviews. And each metalhead had their own, many are also of traditional religions or alternative modern ones. But metal unites us all in one metareligion. We all will admit that since we were kids metal has been a constant, a constant go to for catharsis, for inspiration ...both mundane and transcendental, always there for us, and as our other *religious* beliefs or philosophical and sociopolitical views may alter or evolve or even change completely, our love of and devotion to metal doesn't. It is our rock and our refuge. We get something out of it akin to a religious or spiritual experience.
    That's why we love it so.
    We worship at the alter of the metal gods! They smike down upon us and bestow upon us their good Grace's.
    They/it keeps us going, gives us the ability to get through hard things we might not otherwise get through so smoothly...if at all.
    Yes, one can be of an *actual religion* of one type or secret or another...and that may be even more important to them, but even for them metal is a side-religion. For those of us who arent religious in the conventional sense(though we may or may not believe in God or the divine in some sense or another and even worship or reverence it, some dont at all...that is fine)...but for us while we may have a theology or spirituality outside of metal music, those are the theologies, metaphysics, philosophies, spiritualities or spiritual/metaphysical or theological beliefs...faiths in some cases, but metal is our RELIGION!
    Metalhead-our religious designation/label.

    It is true that fans of other genres can feel something akin to this, it is rare or less intense in degree. For truly is like a religion to us.

    Thar said, here is an interesting article on this idea....
    *Heavy metal as surrogate religion*
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