The Big Bang

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    The day the London Stock Exchange's rules changed on 27 October 1986 was dubbed "Big Bang" because of the increase in market activity expected from an aggregation of measures designed to alter the structure of the financial market.
    The effects of Big Bang were dramatic, with London's place as a financial capital decisively strengthened, to the point where it is arguably the world's most important financial centre.
    In 2010, Nigel Lawson who was chancellor of UK at the time, said that UK investment banks were previously very cautious, as they operated with their own money, but after merging with major retail banks, the depositors' savings were put at risk, and this also led U.S. banks to follow suit.

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    Very bad, Mrs.Thatcher ! If people only realised how this laissez-faire attitude towards usury was responsible for
    so much war and suffering, they would maybe think again.

    However, people find other things to blame for the world's problems .. such as Islam .. which is ironic, as
    Almighty God in the Qur'an has banned usury outright !

    Sin is the cause of mankind's destruction. The world is facing serious catastrophic
    issues such as climate-change, disease, war and mass emigration.
    This has been caused by usury and the ensuing industrial revolution.

    Big bang is right .. there is going to be a really HUGE BANG very soon :(

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