How to make money out of COVID

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    Here in the UK, the government has set up 'test centres' in parks, car parks, wherever there's enough space. There's three within a mile of where I live that I know of.

    The Govt put the management of these sites out to tender, which went to a long-time friend and benefactor of the Conservatives, a company with a terrible track record, called G4S.

    G4S now has to recruit 1,000s of temporary staff to man the sites.

    But if it does that, it becomes liable for the employer's National Insurance contribution per each member of staff.

    So G4S sets up – at arm's length through sub-contractors – umbrella companies ... literally thousands of them ... to take advantage of a Government small business incentive. If you're a small-business start up, you get a boost by the government discounting £4000 from your contributions. So you don't pay until you top-out over that sum.

    How it works:
    Ads on Facebook, aimed at the low-incomed, the out-of-work and the vulnerable, offer a means of making money from home. It's no-risk, no input ... all you have to do is validate documents online ... easy. So 'Emma', a single-parent mum, has so far become the sole director of 24 companies. She's earned £500 for signing and uploading documents to Companies House.

    Then she resigns as a director, and the sole directorship is taken over by someone in Manilla, in the Philippines ... why the Philippines? Because savvy UK accountants have realised there's a potential to work the system. And because once Inland Revenue etc., starts to investigate, inquiries into the Philippine end leads nowhere ...

    Native Filipinos innocently reply to a Filipino Facebook video ad (it's in Tagalog) offering £150 to become directors of UK-based companies. A lot of money to poor Filipinos.

    So far, investigations has listed 48,000 such companies started in the past five years. They continue at about 500 a week. A terraced house in Bristol was the registered office of hundreds of such companies. another investigator found 18,000 such companies registered in South Wales alone.

    None of them pay National Insurance contributions for their employees. Nor VAT nor any other taxes they can evade.

    The front-line test centre personnel have absolutely no idea this is going on. They just wanted to earn a crust and help fight the pandemic.

    Up the chain, millions, maybe billions, are being siphoned out of the economy.

    -- fruit of a BBC investigation --

    No wonder we can't afford to pay our nurses, teachers and service works a decent feckin' wage
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