Site Active Again After Weekend Glitch


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There was a problem with expiry of our SSL Certificate. It was easy to purchase a new one, but a lot of difficulty in completing the transfer of the site ownership, in order for the new SSL to be configured under the new site ownership.

After hours of consultation with the Westhost, and waiting for the transfer to be accepted, it seems to have all gone through now.

Great apologies for the inconvenience all this has caused. There was never really any risk of information being hacked, it was an automatic message generated by expiry of the SSL certificate.

It is set up for automatic renewal from now on, and the site is being transferred to Westhost, from the outside servers, so it will all be accessible from the Westhost control panel in future, avoiding all the complications of this weekend from happening again.

Phew! What a performance!
A good piece of work, thanks for all you do.
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Purchase? Where is the depository to help fund this site?
I paid $34 for the SSL this time, which was too much but it was urgent. It was quite maneagable for me. When we renew next year I will be able to get one for around £6 a year, so ... SSL cost not a problem.

I am still working but, if/when I stop working the $200 annual site 'rental' may become difficult. It's paid up until September 2022. Then we could talk about members contributing towards keeping IO going. So far it's not a problem. Really not.

I hope this recent 'breakdown' has not frightened too many people away. No doubt they will trickle back. We'll see. It's in God's hands.

You guys are great :)
I think it appropriate to talk about the money now.

At least begin with a spreadsheet of expenditures made.

I also think it appropriate to ask those expenses be covered.

If you would like to make a donation of.dollars beyond the time... Be it 20 or 50 bucks.that would be up to you but 2-300 burdened by you while you are.working we will talk about it later is.nnot.acceptable to me.

Any legal beagles or nonprofit writers among us.either.side of.the pond?

It would be dandy imo if we had an account we could deposit into for payment out. It would be nice to always see a years expenses in the account...

As long as is only a years or two worth I have no issues any of us acting as treasurer...any more.than that.we need more.official organization.

Not saying we should jump on that now, but am saying the dialogue should be opened and investigation phase of such a thing should be in order to prepare us for the possibility...or know how we can avoid same if that makes more sense.

I mean I am sure we can garner someone who wishes to say they are on the board of!
Is that kind of thing auctionable? I mean I think we could pay them 35% of their annual donation back to them for their work on the board. Isn't that how these things are done?
At least begin with a spreadsheet of expenditures made.
It's not spreadsheet worthy. It's just the $200 annual hosting fee (next payment due Sept 2022) plus the minimal $5 annual SSL Certificate fee. When Steve lost his teaching job, he found the hosting fee difficult, and although the offer was made to cover the cost, his shifts did not allow him time to attend to the site.

I'm able to cover that without any financial injury. And thanks to you guys I don't have to try manage the site on my own. If health made me stop working, it would become difficult.

As you say, no need to jump on it now.