Global Gas Emissions

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    I fear that facing up to a looming crisis and making the necessary steps – to curb greenhouse gas emissions (GGE) for example – is something democracy is not very good at.

    I think any govt introducing serious emission controls would find itself the loser at the next election.

    For example, aviation and tourism are going to have to be seriously looked at.

    But surely now, everywhere depends on tourism?

    Should we institute a 'carbon-offset tax' on, say, holiday flights, fashion imports, food imports, etc,. so that creators of GGE (aviation stands around 8%) will have to pay for the cleanup of their own carbon footprint?

    Personally, all for it.

    Globally, less than 20% of people have ever flown, and only 5-10% of the world's population flies in any year.

    The wealthiest 10% – all of whom live high-carbon lifestyles – are responsible for 76% of the energy consumption involved with packaged holidays.

    The top 10 countries for aviation emissions account for 60% of the total.
    (The US, China and the UK are the top 3)
    The top 30 account for 86%.
    • US.: 12% take 66% of the flights
    • UK: around 15% take 70%
    • France: 2% take 50%
    • Canada: 22% take 73%
    • Netherlands: 8% take 42%
    To address inequalities, a Frequent Flyer Levy has been proposed in the UK.

    "Air travel is a uniquely damaging behaviour, resulting in more emissions per hour than any other activity, bar starting forest fires. So targeting climate policy at the elite minority responsible for most of the environmental damage from flights could help tackle the climate problem without taking away access to the most important and valued services that air travel provides to society," The Guardian (UK newspaper).
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    I have a friend who flies private jet a lot...alot.

    He in his entertainment rider (comic) as an option to paying for a.commercial ticket "if you have your private or.charter jet headed to the event from NYC I will gladly ride on that and save you ticket prices. So many clients took him up on it he befriended pilots...and asked them to call him ANYTIME they are deadheading out of.NYC to ANYWHERE that he would.find his own flight home.

    Deadheads are when the pilot.has to fly the jet empty to get to a passenger. So he drives to a private hanger, flies in an empty jet someplace in the world and takes an impromptu vacation...


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