I need some spiritual advice regarding a person.


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I need some spiritual advice regarding a person.

My question is about a Greek Cypriot War Hero by the name of Gregoris Afxentiou he was killed by the British when they took occupation of Cyprus. Gregoris was a commander resisting agaisn't there occupation and sort Guerilla war fair from mountain bases in Cyprus and did kill so many British that they actually put out a very high price for his head. Eventually someone who was part of his campaign informed on him for the reward and the British found him. Then him and his men fought a last ditch battle outside a monastery the one he always used to seek refuge and pose as a priest when he got injured. Rather then surrender they fought to the death and got burned a live by explosives. My question is, we know this man killed countless lives but was there anything divine about what he did and justified? Now I find many similarities with this story as with Wallace for the Scottish (Have you ever seen brave heart?) this is more or less exactly the same situation and story.

Well, did Cyprus get her Independence, yes! A years later Cyprus was granted Independence and a main reason was from the resistance of the Greek Cypriots, however it has recently been exposed that Britain made deals with Turkey to invade the Island and even stopped Greece from coming to the help of the Greek Cypriots politically and now we lost the north as you are currently aware of.

Personally what is your view?
Well, I can't say very much specifically about this because I don't know a lot of the other details. But I can tell you the values by which I'd evaluate the situation...

1) No state has a right to attack another unless it is an act of self defense. In other words, if its just to expand then that's unethical. If individuals or groups want to fight them then that is their right and they are entitled to do so.

2) One exception I'd make to #1 is that if a nation is being mistreated and subjugated by an evil government, there is nothing wrong with a government of another state liberating said nation from the tyranny. As long as they are doing it for humanitarian reasons and not to take territory away from those people. If this is the case, then resisting such efforts is to ally with the immoral oppressors being overthrown, and therefore immoral.

3) When fighting in a military or a just resistance, one must always focus on military targets and objectives, and try to minimize damage to civilians. Warfare is likely to harm civilians accidentally and if the reasons for fighting are just then this is acceptible as long as it is avoided as much as possible.

4) When fighting in a military or as a just resistance, to purposely target civilians to try and get the population into submission out of fear, is terrorism and therefore it is unethical under any circumstances, regardless of one's cause.

So, applying those standards, you could probably figure what I'd say. :)
Haha... But would each persons views within thoses guidelines would be different. The fate of The Greek Cypriots was already sealed by evil as soon as the British set foot on the Island ;) Thats why we practised resistance.

"Newly released British Documents for the year 1974 at the Public Records Office.
The British Government gives tacit clearance to Turkey to proceed with invasion
And agrees to blockade the Greeks from helping Cyprus"

Following the coup in Cyprus Turkish Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit visited London for negotiations with the British Government.

According to the record of conversation on July 17, 1974, between the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson, the Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary James Callaghan and Mr. Ecevit the latter bluntly asked for the British Government's cooperation to invade Cyprus through the British Sovereign Bases.

Ecevit clarly stated at the time that such the objective of the operation would be to restore the constitutional order overthrown by the coup of the Greek junta that forced President Makarios to flee the island.

Although the British Government refused to join Turkey in such an operation they promised Ecevit to 'help' by agreeing to prevent Greece from sending assistance to Cyprus. However, the revealing factor in this case is the concealed intention of Turkey to invade and occupy the whole of the island if one considers the location of the British Bases in Cyprus.

The relevant extracts are as follows:

Mr Ecevit, beginning the discussion at the dinner table, said that the events in Cyprus amounted to no ordinary coup d’ etat but constituted a violation of international treaties.

Britain and Turkey, jointly or separately, should state that they did not recognise the new regime and that the old administration must be restored. If Makarios could not return, the Constitutional provisions should apply. As the two guarantors under the 1960 Treaty Britain and Turkey and the United States should warn Greece of the violation of the independence of Cyprus which had taken place, and should ask for the withdrawal of Greek forces under effective UN supervision. There should also be international agreement about effective control in the situation thereafter.

"...There should also be sanctions: a more effective Turkish presence on the island was essential, and Turkey wished to bring this about in co-operation with the British Government as the other guarantor, in order to safeguard both communities. The Turkish Government did not wish to exploit the situation in Cyprus, not did they wish to act alone and create anxieties thereby. The British Government was in a position to help Turkey to achieve this result, and to avoid bloodshed and a confrontation between Greece and Turkey. This could be done by allowing Turkey to send her forces to Cyprus through the British SBAs. He felt that this was a historic moment to use the bases to ensure the independence of Cyprus. Everyone, including the United States and the Soviet Union, would welcome such action which would justify the British military presence. He felt that action of this kind, coupled with a joint statement of British and Turkish objectives, would be a relief to the whole population of Cyprus and also to the population of Greece...The alternative was unilateral action by Turkey, which he felt would be inevitable later if not sooner - later would be worse and bloodier. If Britain were prepared to accept action on these lines, the Turkish authorities would be careful to avoid any embarrassment, by agreement on the deployment of Turkish forces...".

"...The Prime Minister said that he thought that he understood the meaning of Mr. Ecevit's remarks. If the situation of the Turkish community on the island, deteriorated, Turkey would feel it necessary to intervene. But he did not think that the SBAs could be used for that kind of intervention. Mr. Ecevit replied that he could not insist on the point. The bases were not essential for his purpose...The Prime Minister said that he understood Mr. Ecevit's remarks as an expression of the Turkish wish that Britain would not blockade an action of the kind contemplated by Turkey, but that they would blockade the Greeks. Mr. Ecevit asked if Britain would be ready to do so. The Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary said it was not impossible...".

1000s died in the invasion of Cyprus........ 30 years ago because of a fully democractic Britain. Thats why I disagree to the war in Iraq.
Such questions are always going to be a matter of personal, national, and social bias.

Here's an interesting thought for you, though - perhaps if Cypriots, such as Gregoris Afxentiou, hadn't been so keen to kill the British, then perhaps the British would never have allowed the Turks to cross over? Have you considered that? :)

If the Cypriots were violent and antagonistic towards the British, then perhaps that was a contributory reason for the British offering no resistance to the Turks?

Like I always claim people are people the Cypriots were never Violent to the Venetians when the occupied us. People are also intelligent, people also see and understand what empires are all about one from the north and one from the west on a tiny Cypriot populatiopn with native Greeks and Turks! It came to the flipping point where even the Turkish Cypriots wanted both the brits and the mainland Turks out of Cyprus. It was these people that cause these 2 ethnic groups into rivalry and it was the British that set up the Greek Cypriot into a coup! Fact is Britian owned Turkey half of Cyprus for there efforts in world war 2!!!
Dear PM

Is it divine? To the best of knowledge and experience, the divine do not condone killing under any circumstances, is it unjust yes!

Cause and effect is the divine spiritual law that deals with this naturally. Sadly, due to our attachment to a single life and various belief systems, most people are unable to appreciate that one life on earth is just a mere speck in the whole scheme of things. But havng said that a mere speck can play a major role in good and bad karmic action and repercussions for self, karmic group and country karma also.

I pray that man will learn that nothing but more negativity is created through fighting.

blessings in abundance

Rendor unto Cesear what is Cesear's and Unto God what is Gods

Seems completely off the Subject some how.

Its late that is the First thing that came to mind as I read this thread
Jesus Could have very well said I owe nothing to an occupying army and will not pay. Crash Boom Bamm Roman army laid out on the Field like bugs around one of them back yard electric lights.
But those invaders where playing right into Gods master plan that war had to be in order for the events that brought about his death. Had His fame and story been limited to just judea it would have long ago been hidden away like the dead see scrolls.
I dont support wars I think peace would be a simple thing if instead of maps and battle plans men set around a bible and a Quran etc and worked out a plan for peace But I am afraid that is unrealistic.

I Believe I have a God given right to defend my Family and My Freedom and My Religion/Cullture though would pray it never come to that and pray forgivness many times over long after the battle.
I do not Believe I have any right to Take your Make yours of Break yours everything about that has a pure evil feeling about it.
The soldiers arenot the Bad Guy's the leaders hold all the Blame. I believe Iraq needed Change But it should have came from the people if they needed help support should have been given but not to the extent of anything other than backing a regime change.
Osama what A great man he is with a message and the ability to lead and get the very best out of his men and everyone that heard him. I wish He would have taken and made the effort to come to the US and tour speak and teach of Islam educate the american people as a whole how wrong it is for non muslims to defile that sacred land I see in him the power to have done so.
The attack I feel was provoked but 9/11 and all its issues were not handled properly. I as a Christian american would have listened and joined in support of a full withdraw from the east extended my hand in brotherhood. what a shame .

There is Nothing Divine about war Nothing Holy about taking anothers life
I pray For peace but read clearly there will be none so I pray His Kingdom come

I will never understand how one mans intent can march an army but it to often does:(
In mathematics a negative X a negative = a positive

When a barbaric invader comes in the only way for Good to come is to fight negative with negative

There's no such thing as war for good but there is such thing as resistance for good. The resistance although negative it is a divine negative because that is the one that will influnece the positive.

Gregoris Afxentiou is a martyr like Sanit George, also saint George was a Greek blooded Roman soldier. :D Why he is the Patron saint of England I will never know :confused:
And in cellular biology a negative and a negative creates disease.

The cells choose fear or love.


I was reading an article yesterday that stated the main reason that people voted for Bush was due to their fear. So it comes back to those that fear death and other people, when one does not fear death and is fearless one ceases to have the need to defend or react to negativity. Detachment from physical reality is liberation, if one does not perceive it as negative but a process of change like the seasons of nature.

To be in Grace one needs to be balanced. Negativity only produces positive outcomes if we respond in a positive way. E.g. if we suffer disease we use this as a positive catalyst for change and to heal within.

There will be peace on earth once we have healed the root causes of fear, control and domination, and co-create nothing less then supreme divine love.

Blessings in abundance

But in Homeopathy negative with negative creates positive cure :)

Invented by the Greek Hippocrates... God bless him.
Homeopathy till this day has not been disproved by science and evidence sugests it works for more information search for articles off new scientist.
Dear PM

I did not pick this up in my homepathy books would you like to explain further?

Blessings in abundance

Let’s say you suffer from a cold.. A homeopath will look for a plant (in most cases highly toxic) which causes the same sort of symptoms as your cold. The idea behind it is like (negative) cures like (negative) "Homeo = same, similar (in Greek)". In modern day science if you are vaccinated its not possible for you to get the same illness as the vaccine this is because it’s not possible for the body to have both of the same viruses at the same time and even a virus can't get around this. A homeopath views each person as an individual a cold is not a cold, the homeopath analyses the symptoms and also takes into account your characteristics. The reason why these highly toxic plants do not cause you dangerous side effects is because nothing toxic remains in the extract, the plant is diluted so many times that absolutely no remains of the plant are in the extract and this also makes the potion more potent because Hippocrates discovered that the smaller the dosage the higher the potency.

Hi Postmaster,
Please forgive me. I was brought to this thread by the request in the title for advice, but from your first explanation about Cyprus, to the later posts, I do not quite see what the spiritual problem is.
This may be my ignorance, but is your 'person' a 'Greek Cypriot' or a 'Turkish Cypriot' and what is the spiritual problem?