Bayer involved in the holocaust

I'm under the impression a lot of people had connections to the Nazis and their workings - after all, they were a national government.

Carl Orff wrote music to entertain the Nazis, but that certainly doesn't mean to stay I'll not listen to Carmina Burana again.

Ultimately, there is a point when we must decide whether we are going to remember, and whether we are going to begrudge. With most of the people responsible for those times are mostly gone, perhaps it is better for the former, not the latter.

Otherwise how far back are we going to go? A Jewish boycott of Italy over Titus? A South American blockade of Spain over the Conquistadors?
a lot of jews still won't listen to wagner, or buy mercedes, or travel to germany, or whatever. to my way of thinking, this is a complete waste of effort. it's far more offensive to the aims of nazism for jews to do all three! as in "here we are, still not dead yet, ner-ner-ner-ner ner. yar boo sucks".

but, yeah, down with the bloody romans while we're at it!!