Children's Health Defense

does that sound "right wing"?
CHD seems to stand by unfounded pseudo-science claims of a generally anti-vax type. The fear-mongering of vaccines as a cause of autism in children, for example. Not supported by the broader scientific community, the media or government, there's obviously a 'Deep State' at play.

Let them (try and) get rid of the polio vaccine...

We had our MMR anti-vax furore here in the UK, all based on the uptake by certain well-known newspapers, when a deeply-flawed scientific paper was floated suggesting that the MMR vaccine was a potential problem. The scientific community was quick to check the claim, and it was debunked on the basis of bad math modelling.

But the damage was done, the error persists, and when you say to an MMR-refuser, 'but his findings were based on bad maths, I can show you', eyes glaze over. Not interested.
I call them like I see them
Lol...this agnostic atheist will pray for you brother...

I spent my time with the conspiracy fear.mongers...or rather I wasted my time with the conspiracy fear mongers and I cannot get that time back.

Live life, play ball, have sex, raise children, enjoy music... your friends will appreciate not hearing constantly about your illuminati windmills.
Always been the ancient popular attitude regarding many topics.
I think there exists a name for this response in discussion.
If I only had just one friend. :(
I had similar issues when my brain was swamped with doom and gloom scenarios and I regularly shared them to enlighten others.

I switched to enjoying life, finding silver linings and I can no longer count my friends and those who support me. Hence...
this agnostic atheist will pray for you brother
If I only had just one friend. :(
I'm with the you part of the way. I support several of your free-speech arguments. The over-the-top right wing, deep state conspiracy aspect throws me off. It's good to have a space be able to discuss this stuff, imo

The need is always to cast the opposition as terrorists or bigots or demons or whatever; they are no longer people like us -- we can do anything we like to them

I'm sure there are legions of lurkers cheering you on ...
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I will be your friend...but i will not go into the darkness with you. I will stand in the light and reach my hand in...grab it and I will pull you out!

Weeping quietly. Only a conditional friend, mercy sakes alive. How shall one find your hand in the Dark? :rolleyes:
I personally like preparedness and safety....and all the fearporn they report is fearporn in itself!

We saw many a disease flood the world while.many countries were able to respond and have little impact.

Erring on the side of caution makes sense to me.

Chicken little sky is falling I have heard for six decades... I now shake my head ruefully.
Covid and the Expansion and Abuse of State Power ⋆ Brownstone Institute

"The years of living with increasingly oppressive Covid restrictions and mandates is a tale of many villains complicit in tyranny and a few heroes of resistance. It’s a story of venal, incompetent politicians and brutish police – thugs in uniform – acting at the behest of power-drunk apparatchiks.

Medically idiotic, economically ruinous, socially disruptive and embittering, culturally dystopian, politically despotic: what was there to like in the Covid era?

  • Billions, if you were Big Pharma.
  • Unchecked power, if you were Big State.
  • Power over the whole population of a state and fame with extended daily TV appearances on all channels, if you were a chief medical officer.
  • More money and power over the world’s governments and people for the WHO.
  • Template for action for climate zealots.
  • Dreamtime for cops given free rein to indulge their inner bully."