sigil of lucifer = birthing canal

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    I read sand watched some videos of peaople who remember "inside the womb" and sied they would spend MOST (90%) the time sleeping, but that it felt MORE REAL than THIS current world. that they could here there mothers voice and coudl talk telapathicaly in the deams, when the baby popped out the womb it got scared and started to cry as it saw its mother TALKINg with the MOUTH instead of the MIND , babies are "normaly born UPSIDE-DOWN, like an inverted petagram of adom! the bottom part of the sigil being the vagina!

    could also have to do with SOPHIA creating the meigurge YALDABOATH via sexual pleasure. it could ALSO mean sophia = lucifer, as some sites say. could ALSO be a refrenc eto BOOK of ENOCH when "The watchers" sexed human woman. satanist say it represents "human nature" and wouldent that not be reproducing and havign sex? and if satan comes to "kill steal destoy" how can we KNOW this is HIS sigil and not somethign that was stolen LONG ago, maby was a symbol of fertility untill it became hijacked around 1400s?

    or any other ideas? or think im just puttign look-alike things togeather?

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    The Sigil of Lucifer was used back in the 1400s, in the region that is now called Italy. Latin speakers from the Roman Empire settled in Italy and were known to use the Sigil of Lucifer. But the symbol was only documented in the 16th century, in a text called Grimoirium Very, or the Grimoire of Truth. This text served as a guide for those who wanted to invoke and communicate with Lucifer. In the text, the Sigil of Lucifer was the third sign and was inspired by the nine-by-nine magical square.

    At first glance, the Sigil of Lucifer looks like a chalice with an X symbol drawn on over it. Experts say that the chalice itself is a symbol of creation, and the X represents power. the symbol also has an inverted triangle known as the Original Elixir of Ecstasy. The inverted triangle represents water and emphasizes how it’s important for survival.

    At the very bottom of the chalice is a letter V that symbolizes the dualities, such as man/woman, light/dark and so on. Just like the two lines of the V that come together, the dualities also eventually merge to create balance.
    In the Cabala the meaning for the Hebrew 6th letter 'V' (Vau) is 'Nail. 'The Nail' is one of the secret titles of Satan within the Brotherhood of Satanism.

    Vulcan was a sun deity who was associated with fire, thunderbolts, and light. The festival in honour of him was called the Vulcania in which human sacrifices were offered. "According to Diel, he bears a family relationship to the Christian devil.' It is fascinating to know that he married Venus, another name for Lucifer or the devil. What is even more interesting is that Vulcan is adored in Masonry under the name of Tubal Cain.

    In her highly regarded encyclopedia of symbols entitled Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, Dr. Cathy Burns explores the meaning of the "V" sign. She explains that the two fingers upward relate to the Masonic and Gnostic Law of Opposites, exactly as the case for the Masonic Lodge's black and white checkerboard floors.

    This is the doctrine of bringing order out of chaos, of reconciling the two opposites, evil and good, with Satan reigning over both heaven and hell.2 The "V" sign is also a sign of the Horned God of witchcraft, often called Pan; or Baphomet, the androgynous (male and female) goat God (again illustrating the Law of Opposites).
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    Well, yes, if you superimpose the sigil of lucifer over the sephrit, the bottom of the sigil would correspond to Malkut--being manifested into the material world--da'ath fallen to malkuth. You are born, you live, and then you die.
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    Yes... it is human nature to see relationships and categorize things as similar...a requirement for safety and our fight or flight system... it served us well...but also makes us today susceptable to conspiracy theories and seeing things that aren't there....or

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