Learning to live the way Jesus says to live


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I’m wondering if anyone here would be interested in discussions about ways for people to learn to live the way Jesus says to live, if they want to.

My first thought is to have friends who are also learning, and to study and practice with them sometimes.

I used to feel critical of people reading Christian books more than the Bible, but I don’t feel that way any more. There might be some Christian books that are very good for people to study together, to help them learn to live the way Jesus says to live.
I'm sure you'd be interested in the works of Br. David Standl-Rast:

"What is Grateful Living?
Grateful living brings the abundant gifts of gratitude to life – in all the moments of our lives. It is a way of life that invites us to take nothing for granted, cultivating awareness of and appreciation for the fullness of our lives. Living gratefully helps us awaken to the opportunities that are always available – even in the most challenging times – to learn, grow, and extend ourselves with compassion to ourselves, others, and the world. As we endeavor to notice our inner and outer landscape with wider eyes, we deepen our engagement and embrace of life in all its poignancy and preciousness. We come alive, opening up to wonder, joy, and love."
(from the gratefulness.org website)
I’ll post random thoughts here as they come to me. One idea is to choose some qualities to work on like generosity and patience, and review progress each day. Also, look ahead to each day to situations that might come up and think about better ways of reacting to them.
I’m hoping to see ideas posted here about ways that people have learned to continually improve their attitudes and behavior, and the way they live their lives, learning to live the way Jesus says to live.