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For a while now I’ve some how gotten home from being abroad- didn’t get the plane.. usually in the middle of the holidays, I would what seems like to teleport back home but it would be in large inserts..

I finally figured out what I was doing- traversing, when I went to Paris with two friends and ended up in my living room…

It’s mostly happens when I travel abroad, has anyone else gotten A to B without recollection of the journey??

I know jumping teleportation is a far off chance but I seem to be traversing without space and time being a factor it usually gets triggered by going on holiday it’s happened in inserts when I went to turkey, America Disney land, paris and Spain … when I was younger I was traversing a lot more than I do now…

I think because I was unstable unsure ect

It doesn’t trigger if I just try from my house to shop or something like this…