The difference between us and Jesus

I love this one

1 John 4:19 We love him, because he first loved us.

it could also be taken as we love because He first loved.
I love, I said it... I love how this works... not my brain but the divine one.

So I saw a meme, and I rephrased it, and I chuckled. I wanted to share it here, in the joke thread, not.that stays pretty secular.

But it isnt a joke, well it is, no it isn't. Its funny, but it's thought provoking. So it needs a's a thread. OK here is a title fitting for the meme... by fitting I mean when you read the meme you won't be disappointed.

But now the title

The difference between us and Jesus

Seems to stand on its own, bigger than the meme it was designed to highlight...and seemingly worthy of a thread...and discussion.