Your belief

Repeating a.lie is deciept as.well..
Did he understand that it was a lie? If I don't believe it to be a lie, then is it deceit. Deceit is the intent to deceive someone, if someone is not trying to deceive someone, believing what they believe to be truth, are they deceiving. Is a JW on a street corner trying to deceive anyone, no, they believe that what they are saying is the truth because that is what they have been told. Dealing with Mormons and JWs are much easier since their religions are less than 200 years old. Much better data to research.
Also, what conclusion do you think people are drawing about you the more they read your posts?
Meaning that my assumptions start disappearing as I learn more. I could simply lie and no one would know it. Talking all sweet and nice, telling everyone how great they are. That's if I want to be "liked". No I prefer the truth, I can't help want someone wants to believe about me. I know who I am and what my motives are. I would rather live in truth and have people not like me, than to live lies and think people do like me. I am very content with who I am and my conscience is clear. I only struggle with what God thinks about me. Hopefully I would like to see that I care about truth more than anything. Most people just want to belong to a mob. That will get a reaction for sure. But think about it!
..for something to change, it has to be something to begin with..
Have you got any original text of Genesis, for example?
When do you believe that the universe was created, and/or the flood occur?
When the manipulations required by many Muslims to conform the Bible to the Quran become impossible, even to themselves, the next step is to say the Bible is 'corrupted' and to cherry-pick the parts that suit their religion and reject the parts that do not. Often from the same Bible verse, accepting one part of the verse and rejecting another part -- especially the New Testament accounts of the crucifixion and Christ's appearance afterwards to his disciples


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