Introspection on the decline of morality.

"You're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations," Biden said on July 21, 2021
What? Presidents lie to get the public behind killing millions of dark skin people say it ain't so at the sotu George Bush (now that is bait and switch)

Hint this is a dead argument. When my doc friends.and surgeons that spent weeks to put this humpty dumpty back together vs abiding by internet rants ans snipes...hmmm...who will I listen? Hmmm...such a rough decision.
There is no coronavirus in the shot weakened or inactivated. It's a MRNA which is a spike protein to target ALL your cells specifically to attack coronavirus but what it does is weaken your immune system to everything else. There are doctors studying this and have shown that it causes the cells to reproduce damaged cells. It's similar to cancer cells that reproduce other cancer cells.

I'm not a stupid person Wil of course no vaccine provides 100% immunity.

But Biden said it would, lol.

The original idea of a vaccine was live virus...been a lot of science we have benefitted from since then. Take a look.

Zero bait and claimed the protections against Vax manufacturers was new...
I would appreciate if you didn't attribute to me something I did not say.

As a reminder, I said "Further, Pfizer, J&J and Moderna all were shielded legally from any lawsuits from adverse reactions. Hmmmm....."

Since you won't look at the quote from Bloomberg (a lefty media outlet), and can't seem to read with understanding the quote I pulled from the link stating that a different mechanism ("countermeasures program") was put in place specifically to shield the Covid vax makers in lieu of the traditional safeguards ("vaccine court") that you referred to.

So yes, bait and switch, if you had read that article you would have understood that. But since it came from me, you've already closed your mind to anything I have to say on the matter, in spite of all of my contributions here over how many decades??? I'm not a loon walking in off the street. But so be it, by far most libs of my experience in the past few years are extremely closed minded and opinionated, whether founded in reality or not. Anything "from the right" MUST be dismissed at all costs.
Covid VIRUS is not a germ

This is precisely the same reason anti-biotics are useless against the common cold VIRUS, yet people still demand and doctors still dish 'em out
Although dictionaries include viruses in their definitions of “germ”’ as does the Department of Health and Human Services.
I stand corrected:

  1. "microbe, bug, germnoun
    a minute life form (especially a disease-causing bacterium); the term is not in technical use"
Did you happen to go to the link in what you quoted?

AP FACT CHECK: Biden Goes Too Far in Assurances on Vaccines​

Of course...and but shout louder...that always helps.

And you know dubya sent our boys to die for fun and It is what our nation does...don't lose any sleep over it....we just got out 4 years of the biggest liar in chief inthe history of our nation! (I am not a crook...a not so distant memory)

You spoke of lawsuit protection...and I said
anti vaxxers have been arguing for decades against out govt protection of manufacturers...nothing new here
No, it hasn't. The justification was the emergency
"wil, post 376197, member: 2570"]
Hasn't that been normal for vax manufactureres for most of our life?

And hasn't the govt established a fund to pay folks who get adverse reactions?
And I posted a link and you said
I would appreciate if you didn't attribute to me something I did not say.
My bad.
You have no idea. Might want to avoid such ignorant assertions. I took a Bachelor of Science degree at Manchester University and was awarded a II(i) Honours. I also took a subsidiary subject called Liberal Studies in Science which was essentially based upon the Kuhn book referenced above - The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - so I'm well aware of the way science advances. Not sure the book covered conspiracy theories though.
Soooo you learned that science always agrees with the general consensus? Any example of scientific studies that disagreed with the general consensus is a conspiracy theory? Questioning the general consensus is "anti-science"? Not being a liberal makes you "anti-science"? Point made. I thought I knew what science was. I guess not. From now on I will never question the consensus, especially if politicians are involved. I will also start voting Democrat so that I understand science. Science! Thank-you for the lesson. So sorry I questioned you.
There were a couple of posts recently about adultery not being criminalized and someone mentioned conservatives or something. It just made me start thinking.

I love older movies because they feel different when watching them and one of my favorites is Yours, Mine and Ours it stars Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball. I just re watched this yesterday. It struck me that this family sat down to dinner and prayed to the Father and ended in Jesus name. When did this stop being acceptable in Hollywood to portray a Christian family and be a wholesome story about family values? I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie with the same story of a family show portraying a Christian family teaching moral lessons and family values.

I personally feel and I know many others that do as well attribute the current violence the troubled youth and corruption to the removal of God from our government and schools. Removing the ten commandments and disallowing prayer in schools has not helped but hurt. The rise of pornography which I blame for the acceptance of things like adultery are harmful to people. They may be a personal choice but it negatively affects the injured spouse and the children. We have single parent families and nasty divorces and children being brought up by the schools and not by the parents. These injured children are the next generations of people to run our governments and raise the next generation of people.

I am the last generation to have experienced both sides of the spectrum and am very worried as I see the rapid decline. It seems to me we aren't progressing but regressing. I do not see it turning around.

This post was all over the place.

My sons school would not allow the kids gather to have a time of prayer before school even started.

He attended an assembly where he was a minority white male in a predominantly Hispanic population. The Hispanic principal told the students about white privilege and how these students needed to work harder to get as much as white men get automatically. My 15 year old son sitting in this assembly felt guilty and ashamed. I was pissed. My son graduated on the honor roll and *** laude as a white male with mostly Hispanic teachers in a senior class of kids that either didn't pass requirements or barely qualified for graduation. Is it because he was a white male or because he worked hard? I attribute it to a number of things . He grew up in a two parent household. He had a faith in God that taught him all the moral lessons like hard work and respect for people. He was in Boy Scouts that also taught essential moral lessons about hard work and respect for people.

I am not saying that Christianity is the only faith that teaches hard work and respect for people as any religious observation has been removed from the schools. I am only speaking for my situation.

This is a concerted attack on the family unit and children are the true victims and it's spiritual from the enemy.
The decline of moral:

Morality seems to decline in every generation, Seneca already complained about this. Sure, the Wild West was of so high morality that America easily supported the continuous decline...
Only Russia has increased in morality, it's now morally so much superior to the decadent rest of Europe... ;-)

It is quite evident that moral was extremely low in the 7th century Arabia. No state, no police to call. Many people lived on raid on caravans. Women could be raped anywhere if they had no personal guard at their side. That was the situation Muhammad found. Much of his preaching was to establish clear rules and put an end to impunity and self-justice, very basic things.

On working hard:
Of course, doing things diligently and carefully enhances success. That's independent from the colour of the skin. I learnt hard and I like to know things properly, so I did my Ph.D without any bonus for people of colour. My second doesn't like so much to study but he has a lot of friends.

Maybe he can also be happy (of course, he will have to work, too). I have grown up in a family, where my mum, unlike most immigrants, was a teacher, and my father had studied, and I fit well into it; my wife has only a Kenyan basic education, but she knows a lot of people. That makes a change. I think a lot of the difference between groups that happen to be distinguishable by the colour of the skin are in fact bound to culture and attitude, over generations. Maybe, the aim of enhancing people of colour to study aims at mixing culture in the U.S. , where studying costs a fortune so that many people can't afford it. (by the way, still, if you are black, you can be sure you get your tickets controlled whereas others are skipped. Prejudice is still present).

But of course, it's important that the effort has a good aim. Germans were were pretty hard-working people in the middle of the last century, but what came out? You can diligently work to help rich people to become richer and avoid paying taxes.

Jesus preached to tell people what is really good and important in the end. He found a society with many small rules that had forgotten to distinguish the important from the less important things, and easily judging over others, not seeing their own deficiencies.

So, try your best according to your knowledge, insist on justice but don't judge easily over others, but stay in love and good will as possible.
Shall we ask Ukraine? How about Afghanistan?
I was citing Russian propaganda, a bit sarcastic.
As far as Afghanistan is concerned, the situation in n the countryside is a bit similar to former Arabia, but the copies of their recipes are incomplete, and it still doesn't work just to copy recipes without a diagnosis.

Many people ask for the direction of Mekka. But the correct answer always depends on where you are.
I am much more concerned about highly processed foods, the negative impact of which I think is greater than vaccine side-effects ...
True enough... though it kind of changes the subject