Buddhism In A Nutshell

On the ten paramis or perfections:

1. May I be generous and helpful! (dána-páramì—perfection of generosity)
2. May I be well-disciplined and refined in manners! May I be pure and clean in all my dealings! May my thoughts, words and deeds be pure! (sìlapáramì—perfection of morality)
3. May I not be selfish and self-possessive but selfless and disinterested! May I be able to sacrifice my pleasures for the sake of others! (nekkhamma—renunciation)
4. May I be wise and be able to see things as they truly are! May I see the light of Truth and lead others from darkness to light! May I be enlightened and be able to enlighten others! May I be able to give the benefit of my knowledge to others! (paññá—wisdom)
5. May I be energetic, vigorous and persevering! May I strive diligently until I achieve my goal! May I be fearless in facing dangers and courageously surmount all obstacles! May I be able to serve others to the best of my ability! (viriya—energy)
6. May I ever be patient! May be able to bear and forbear the wrongs of others! May I ever be tolerant and see the good and beautiful in all! (khanti—patience)
7. May I ever be truthful and honest! May I not hide the truth to be polite! May I never swerve from the path of Truth! (sacca—truthfulness).
8. May I be firm and resolute and have an iron will! May I be soft as a flower and firm as a rock! May I ever be high-principled! (adhiþþþþhána—determination).
9. May I ever be kind, friendly and compassionate! May I be able to regard all as my brothers and sisters and be one with all! (mettá—loving-kindness)
10. May I ever be calm, serene, unruffled and peaceful! May I gain a balanced mind! May I have perfect equanimity! (upekkhá—equanimity). May I serve to be perfect! May I be perfect to serve!