European irreligious

I think it's important to distinguish between organized religion and religious/spiritual belief and practice in general. Religion in general is not dying, but traditional, organized religion is clearly on the decline in places like Western Europe especially. It's like how mainline Protestant churches like Lutheranism, Anglicanism, etc. are on the decline, but Pentecostals are rapidly growing.
If you read through the Old Testament, God often works miracles with the remnant. When God is in control big or small numbers are not a problem. I like the story of Gideon in Judges 7 - 1. Gideon is facing a formidable army, and God says, you have too many soldiers, if you win, you will boast that you did this on your own. God said to Gideon send 32,000 soldiers home, I will give you victory with the remaining 300.

God is still in control today, he does not need large numbers of believers. his will, will be done. We do what we can, but God is always in control
his will, will be done.
Perhaps eventually, in totality, at the end of time. But in the interim, man has his own free will?

The angels may advise and watch and weep but may not directly intervene in my own life, without my invitation? It's a very humbling thought that God requires my own permission to intervene?
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That is prayer -- allowing God to take over completely, when I am lost to power to help myself, or those I love most?

And when I do open that door to angels, the first response may be to strip me of a lot of my material and emotional attachments. I cannot get in through the narrow gate with all the baggage I want to carry with me. I have to let go a lot of it, and that may be quite painful to me, when it has to happen?

Perhaps only when I have lost everything, that I fall to my knees: "I can't do it. Please help me. I give it all to You."

It is Christ's mission to the broken and the hopeless and the lost. But He is not limited to Christianity: He is there to meet me where I am, regardless of time or place or religion, imo