Academy of Ideas

Personally, I don't think it offers anything productive. I took 25 minutes of time to hear, "society is broken and we need religion to fix it" (along with Vivekananda's name mispronounced several times). No how-to. Just a 25 minute pitch for why we need religion. And I'm not even sure I agree with the video's expression of what religion is or its purpose. It may work from an Abrahamic view, but it's a miss from the dharmic perspective, and even more so from my own perspective.

If you disagree with the assessment, I'd be happy to discuss details.
Little like this Academy exists, so I value the effort made by these two brothers to touch on spiritual matters.

My assessment is deliberately imprecise. As long as anyone or any group is trying to live, speak & think in the direction of goodness, that is fine enough.
On humanity losing notions of the Sacred, God, gods etc. Transcript & video available:
I will try to watch the video later, but the theme of the video, the loss of God and the decay of society, is the foundation of all the Messages given by God. They all come at such a time when religion has decayed.

In the 1800's this was also fundamental warning given by Baha'u'llah. In Baha'i Prophecy the decline of religion is given in great detail, reflecting what past prophecies, given in the Bible have said will inflict mankind.

Mankind will try to do away with religion on a global scale, it will not work and that is when they will realise, we are not able to do away with the source of our being.

Much can be discussed, much can be offered, if people are interested.

All.the best, Regards Tony