Secrets of Realized Ones

Nicholas Weeks

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From the Introduction:

"The Secrets of the Realized Ones (Tathāgataguhya) can be called, without exaggeration, a great work of Mahāyāna Buddhist literature. It deserves to be considered a work of literature in the narrower sense of a form of verbal expression of enduring artistic merit, a work of the creative imagination that may elicit pleasure, wonder, and many other responses from an audience, and not simply in the broader sense of literature as a body of written (or oral) works in general. In that narrower sense, it is comparable to better known works of Mahāyāna Buddhist literature, such as The Teaching of Vimalakīrti (Vimalakīrtinirdeśa, Toh 176), the literary merits of which are already well established, and The Play in Full (Lalitavistara, Toh 95), which deserves more recognition in this regard. Both of these latter works would seem to bear a close relationship to The Secrets of the Realized Ones in other respects as well, and it to them."
From chapter 1:

“A bodhisattva who is on the path is difficult for the evil Māra to defeat, and the bodhisattva who has stepped beyond the path of Māra cannot be turned back from unsurpassable and perfect awakening. To such an irreversible bodhisattva, the blessed buddhas teach the secrets of the realized ones without concealing anything.”