Real identity of Jesus discovered?




has anybody of the experts here taken a look at Carotta's work?
He says Jesus is Divus Julius, the deified Caesar.
Carotta: ''The Gospel proves to be the history of the Roman Civil war, a
'mis-telling' of the life of Caesar-from the Rubicon to his
assassination-mutated into the narrative of Jesus, from the Jordan to his
crucifixion. Jesus is a true historical figure, he lived as Gaius Julius
Caesar, and resurrected as Divus Julius.''

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Amazing! Any comments?

Hi Andrew and welcome to CR:)

No offense, maybe you find it amazing but I find stuff like this amazingly boring and unreliable.
I am sure there are many people who will enjoy talking about this along with all the other 'modern books' about Jesus but for myself, I have already found the real Jesus and he lives in my heart.

He was crucified as Jesus, buried as Jesus and God raised him up as Jesus. A faithful and merciful high priest is who Jesus is. The lover of my soul is who Jesus is. There is no friend or brother like the lowly Jesus. NO not one.

I consider this more along the lines of the spirit of AntiChrist and an attack against Jesus, which is also where you will find the people who will find it amazing. If you scroll down in the threads a tiny bit you will see there is another person who posted the same topic as you have.

If you truly want to know the real Jesus, you have to do it in spirit and in truth and seek him with ALL your heart, mind, soul and strength. That is the only way.
Dear Andrew

Welcome to CR.

There is another thread on this on forum if you do a search.

This idea does not resonate with my heart and soul.

Love beyond measure

It's just a spammer trying desperately to use these forums to market a book. The person has done this across multiple forums.

I've already banned two aliases - an IP ban is now hopefully in order to prevent access of the forum under any name.