Good and Evil, understanding then choosing


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You have it all wrong. It's ok alot of people do, but you use to have it better ( not necissarly right). Here is how it works, Humans are either naturally Evil, Good, or Sheep. You, use to be evil but now you arent, i think of you as a sheep now basically you have stopped doing things you think of bad which is what they want you to thinnk of as bad. You only do things if they are acceptable, you try to fit into society and are willing to give up understanding just to fit in. Evil people are people who take understanding of logic, facts and other real life things and use them to their advantage (which may not seem evil especially at first). Good is a person who will do something maybe less logical in a personal since like stop on his way to work to give someone a ride even though he might be late. They are good but wont get anywhere in life as they can never get ahead because they do things for others for more and other reasons then personal gain in this world, they know that nothing will come of giving this bum money or food but they do it anyways (so he may profit from it and see the action of a truely good person in aspiring him to learn more about people who are truely good which woudl lead to enlightenment, or understanding. Then there is the middle, people who appear to do the good things, the "charities" you might call them, but realisticaly expect to get something in return for the good deeds he does, you choose friends this way, and you in turn live life this way. Your friends are people who are friends because in the future you might need them or might make the quality of your life better. Your not true friends, just mutal friends, the mutal friend of each of you being your better future. This is where good seperates from evil, the good people don't care about the quality of their lives in the future as a single person because they believe in a future that life after death exists, so they live life in the way that would better improve the chances of other (including them self) sheep to be good, or "act" good. Its the understanding of why good or evil people do the things they do that make the difference of being good or being evil and acting (or being a sheep) of good or evil. So this is what you are now, you have become a sheep, and a sheep leaning on the fence of good, a follower of christ is what you want to believe and in turn start tricking yourself that you believe in him. Its hard to follow i know, but if you try to trick yourself that you believe in Jesus and then don't act like you do, then you don't. If you really follow a religion you really follow it, you KNOW that when you die you go to heaven, and so you do whatever it takes to give the same knowledge to others because its priority over doing the logical solution like living your life in a comfortable way if it is at the cost of others not having a fair chance as a sheep because current society limits them (but also allows you to live a more comfortable life style). This is where evil takes part, people of evil do what is natural to them because they are evil, they do what gets them ahead of life, which doesn't neccessarily sound evil, because most of them arent, they act evil because they don't know the thing they are doing is evil. Which doesn't pardon them for acting evil. People like you don't know that they are being evil while they act good, they think they are good because they do nice things with no direct reward, but more of a future reward. Their psych follows a logical fallacy that if they don't directly profit from an action or if they don't profit from all actions and thats ok with them, then they believe thats good enough to be considered "Good" and so when they claim they are a religion and trick themselves into thinking they are believers because they appear do actions a truely Good person does because they don't directly or quickly reward their lives in a positive personal way from their actions but in the future instead. They are really evil sheep that don't know they are evil. As i said before to not be a sheep you must know what makes a person Evil and what makes someone good, and then when after you know that. You decide if you are good, or evil. Good = Does not knowingly profit himself if he could profit others. A way they can profit others is by showing them more about life, its hard or almost impossible to explain but the more you know about life, the more you understand, the better the chance you have of Truely deciding if you are good or evil, a person who is a evil sheep meaning he does evil things thinking that they arent evil when given the choice or understanding of Good and Evil will choose evil (dismiss it as false often because he doesn't feel there is enough proof), he will from then on dispatch himself from any good acts if they don't get him anywhere in this life(because by not understanding, trying to understand, or believing what is said he chose evil). But in our society today to get anywhere you have to do good acts, so as a evil person the only way for him to improve his "real life" is to act good but still have evil values, or in other words do good things only if they will profit you more in the future then they cause you harm now. Kind of like stocks when you invest some money now that you would rather or could spend else where now because it might profit you in the future more then you lose from investing it now. Like stocks all people arent going to profit you more in the future then you lose from investing it now, some stocks (people) go down and you lose money in the future, (in other words the more effort or resources you put into a person the more you expect to get from them in the future)so people like how you use to be (evil sheep) make friends or do other things that they think will profit them in the future, which is why cliques are formed in high school and other similar environments, these cliques are the best chances of profiting that they (the people in the cliques) can obtain in the future. So you make friends with he best people that will be friends with you for you to hopefully profit from them in the future and them to hopefully profit it from you. That isn't even the tip of the iceberg, and you may not even follow what is being said, which is because you were never given the chance to be a pure sheep, you were born into a evil sheep society where evil sheep control the world, and so the language being used isn't capable of explaining what is happening with out sounding incorrect by the rules of the language, which is why people think what is being said is also incorrect.

This is the tip, its hard to read through but this is the way it really is, you may now go ahead and choose to be good or evil, evil if you believe this is just a bunch of lies and this could never happen because i don't have enough evidence to compel you to believe it (in which case you would still be evil because this has as much hard evidence as the bible still has around in our times). Or you can be good if you truely believe in life after death and are willing to show it in your actions by not following society if you profit before others who still have a chance to profit (like experiencing free actions which are truely free. with out any (known) chance of profiting himself from their *good* actions. So don't judge what is being said because society thinks it to be wrong, because society is controlled by the majority which the majority are evil sheep. Decide for yourself, is this article convincing enough and try to understand that one major logical fallacies that leads to the no understanding of the content is that since the language they use is incorrect that the content is incorrect too, which leads to being a evil sheep all over again, back with the rest of society. (Humans were flawed to begin with, chance brought us to where we are today). I write this in belief of what is being said but don't belief the person writing it for personal gains. Only if he believes it will it be true.

"The more the shadows of darkness draw close to you the larger your Christ light becomes, it is your faith that makes your light shine brightly'.

On further reflection my conscience has told me that perhaps my lame attempts at humor could be read as inappropriate and unwelcoming. My bad puns were not intended as barbs in the least. Welcome Damorith.

There's nothing wrong in choosing the boundaries of one's personal actions - but something determining them as "good" and "evil" seems an unnecessary distraction. :)