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My parents have just moved into a house that's been in the family for centuries. It's a lovely big place, and some areas of it are really happy, but there are other places that just seem, well, unsettling. And not just to anyone whose 'sensitive'... also to very rational scientific guests.

In particular, the room which my Great Uncle used to live in is awful. He wasn't a very happy man and towards the end of his life he became pretty twisted. Nobody really wants to go into this room, and in fact nobody will even stand in front of the door!

Now my Mum has come up with the bright idea that she'll decorate it as my room. Obviously, not visiting my parents isn't an option, but I've agreed to spend the weekend there soon and I'd like it to not be an ordeal.

Anyone got any ideas? I was planning to try some smudging, but would be more than welcome to hear other's knowledge on this subject. I know that most religions have techniques for settling uneasy spirits.
Most faiths with magical associations have some form of banishing or cleansing ritual. One I know of associated with ceremonial magic and adopted by some Wiccans is the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram - complete (and varying) instructions on many web sites, including

To my mind, it depends on what you're comfortable with, and your traditions. Smudging is certainly a cleansing ritual as well, and if you're comfortable with it, and it's not going to freak the parents out, why not try?
Thanks for this link. I'll try it out.

My family and I are open to most things. Well, my Grandmother cut the sage for the smudging from her garden and dried it out for me, and my Mother has set a special time aside for a smudging ceremony. We've never followed any particular tradition, but have always practised a range of traditions, which include meditation, yoga, tarot reading and some basic divination. My Mother believes strongly in Gaia worship.

My only hesitancy is in the knowledge that whatever spirits are in the house, or whatever psychic memories, they are of my own ancestors. I don't know whether this should make a difference, but somehow it is causing me to feel quite nervous.

I should also say that several years ago I had a dream so powerful that it has remained with me until today. In the dream I was in the house (this was long before any decision my family would move there) surrounded by my ancestors. They had a range of swords, and asked me to pick up a thick metal one, obviously designed for battle. In the dream I rejected the metal sword - even though that was what they were offering me - and instead picked a sword which had been partially hidden, and was made of glass and light. Then my ancestors told me that I would need to use the sword in the future, but not yet, and that the time for using it was several years away. They also said that I needed to use it in connection with the family house.
I second the recommendation of trying the Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. It's partially what Wiccans use (in modified form) for the process of casting the circle where ritual is conducted.

Your thoughts about your ancestors would be good to heed and can be incorporated into your cleaning ritual too. Perhaps as you are doing your smudging or cleansing ritual you might say that you respect and honour your ancestors, particularly you uncle who lived there previously, but that you need space for you and your family now in the tree and humbly request the ancestors cleanse the space so you a fresh start. If the spirit of your uncle is being belligerent, call on your other ancestors to aid you in helping your uncle overcome his destructive emotions and transform them into love and peace. Encourage your uncle to move on to the healing light beyond where he can find peace.

The sword of glass/crystal and light is significant for you too and I'd encourage you to visualize you are holding it and using it to gesture during the cleansing ceremony -- perhaps use it to inscribe the banishing pentagrams in the air or on the walls, windows, and doors of the room. Even if you are holding a mundane tool (a kitchen knife, a ritual knife, a wand, or even the smudge stick) you can visualize that you are really holding your spiritual sword in your hand and that it is pulsing with positive energy you can direct.

Here are some other websites that have house cleansing rituals you might find helpful: has another interesting house cleansing spell. has a few more that might be helpful.

Let us know what you do end up trying, and whether it helps or not!
Dear Kate

When doing housing clearings of unwanted spirit energies I usually do the following and it works for me.

Light a candle
Clap in each corner of the room to break down the energy built up.
Light incense and spread it around the walls of the room particularly the corners. I particularly like using real Frankincense for this work.

Then I call Mother Mary, Jesus and Archangel Michael to come to collect the soul so that they can be taken to the light.

I then speak to the soul and explain it is time for them to go home to the light, sometimes this takes some negiotiation but they usually leave eventually.

I then pray and afterwards thank the soul and everyone else for helping me with the work.

Love beyond measure

Thanks for everyone who has replied to this.

I'm going home in ten days, and have agreed to do the cleansing then.

I'll let you know how it goes... :)