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Here you can take a close look of the ancient city of Nicosia, also known as the kingdom of Ladra :)

It only shows half the city because as you know, Nicosia is the only city in the world to be shared but 2 countries and the Ironic thing is Turkey doesn't recognise the republic of Cyprus as the rest of the world does after the invasion. They clearly stated they must finish the job of capturing the rest of the island.

I recently found out a lot of things about Greek history and what lead to the capture of Northern Cyprus in 1974 which was only 30 years ago by the Turks slaughtring thousands. But before I do I have to go about 1700 years back in time to saint Constantine of the Roman Empire. As you know Greece fall under Roman rule and it’s ironic that the Romans were actually started by Greeks, even Saint Constantine himself was Greek decent. Some of the most beautiful art and culture this world has ever had were during the time of the Greek and Roman empires. The Renaissance period in Italy was caused when Constantinople was captured by the barbarians and when the Greeks fled into Italy and Greece they passed on there art work by opening schools. The Byzantines were very artistic people and an ancient people. My great grandma’s family had a whole bunch of priests in Constantinople and my mothers side had a priest in Myrna the time the Barbarians burned it to the ground and exiled the Greeks apart from the ones that were slaughtered.

Saint Constantine was famous for converting to Christianity after miraculously seeing the image of a cross or Jesus in the sky? And that means Christianity became recognised in all the grounds of the Romam Empire which hit 3 continents, Europe, Africa and Asia. Constantine then went about creating a power base of the Christian faith on the closest city in Europe to boarder the Asian Minor which was the ancient Greek city of Byzantium and renamed it Constantinople and fortified the city. After many many years the Roman Empire had literally split mainly the Greeks started to form from there power base Constantinople and called them the Byzantines, the Roman Empire had grown itself into destruction. Cyprus also belonged to the Byzantine Empire, the Byzantines were a Christianized, Hellenic (Greek cultured, raced) empire. Anyway the Byzantines and the Romans didn't really get on well for next 1000 years of the Byzantine empires life span, mainly the Priests from the Vatican and the Priests from Constantinople were arguing over the right way of preaching Christianity and also a massive problem of Barbaric invaders was becoming a threat to Europe, barbarians (Ottomans) started to enter the grounds of Constantinople and the Ottomans were very interested in expanding there empire and especially had there eyes on Constantinople. The Ottomans were a massive army and could have easily caused many problems to Europe, so right about the time when the Byzantine Church split from the Roman church (Catholic and Orthodox) Hence the names of the churches Catholic meaning “never” and Orthodox meaning the “right way” in Greek, the Vatican made some sort of deal with the Barbarians of taking Constantinople. The Barbarians then went on eventually to capturing the whole of Greece, Cyprus had fallen to the Ottomans 118 years later. The Greek populations in Cyprus were controlled by rape and artificially populating the island by the Ottomans which latter became the Turkish minority in Cyprus. The Ottomans going further into mainland Europe even created the myth of Dracula by a man of the name Vald who killed many many Ottomans from trying to keep them out of Romania. And the French even created the Croissants in the shape of the Ottoman crescent and had the pleasure of cutting it up and eating it. The Ottoman Empire made it all the way to Vienna where they literally beat them out successfully. The Ottoman rulers were a blood line of Mongolians who settled in the Asian Minor from the massively successful Mongolian Empire which was one of the biggest empires in the world. They did this from there Barbarity, they were known as the most Barbaric people on the face of the earth, they didn't even leave people to weep for the dead and there tactics were 100% fear and they did this successfully they slaughtered millions. So much so that the Chinese had to build the only man made object seen from space, which is the Great Wall of China to keep these animals out.

Back to Cyprus before the Ottomans, as we know Richard the Lion Heart was Norman, the Normans were people out of France, and they had control of Britain and since the Arabs were gaining dominance in the holy lands, he had gone on a conquest to regain Christian power in the holy lands and left his brother (Prince John) in charge of Britain who sparked off the legend of Robin hood!!!! Anyway Richard the Lion heart had recaptured Cyprus from the Arabs.

Cyprus was then passed on to the knight’s templars, a bloody revolt eventually started against them in the city of Nicosia this might have been caused by the heresy of the knights templars which eventually got them burnt at the stake by the Roman Catholic church, reports of them denying Christ’s divinity, spitting on the cross and satanic worship, which makes sense because the knights templars were in the holy land in the first place to bring back home riches from looting and make a name for themselves as hero’s. The knight’s templars downfall meant that they could know longer hold Cyprus and they sold her off to the Frankish Lusignan dynasty.

My information might not be 100% correct but I'm pretty sure it is?

In this present day Turkey, USA and UK share a special relationship :)