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Hi !

Anybody has got some info about Chinese astrology . I was searching the net for it & never found anything beyond the animals & element types . So are there only two factors on which chinese astrlology depends , or other things too.

Secondly , what is hexagram & trigram, are they also asociated with astrology .

I also read about tibeten astrology that it incorporates both Chinese & Jyotish ( Indian ) versions of astrology . How does they do it .


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I can only help with part of one question:
farhan said:
Secondly , what is hexagram & trigram, are they also asociated with astrology .

There is a Chinese divination system known as the I-Ching (or Yi King.) It's based on a binary system at its core -- the broken line, and the unbroken line. Broken lines are Yin, and unbroken lines are Yang.

A set of three lines is a trigram (tri being three) and with the possible combinations of broken and unbroken lines there are eight trigrams.

Two trigrams are combined to make a hexagram (hex being six.) With all the possible combinations of upper and lower trigrams, there are sixty four possible hexagrams.

There are methods using tossing yarrow sticks or alternatively using coins to determine the sequence of broken and unbroken lines to make up a hexagram. The hexagram is interpreted by looking it up in a book of meanings. My favourite set of interpretations is in the book "I Ching" by Sam Reifler.

That's the bare basics anyways -- there is a lot more complexity to it which you can read about in any book about the topic.

I don't know much at all about Chinese astrology though so I don't know how the I Ching hexagrams work into the whole thing.

There are some free online divination systems including I Ching readings at
Horse/Wood here; I love reading about Chinese astrology. It seems uncannily accurate when compared to Western astrology. There are too many coincidences to make me think otherwise.
Rooster/metal here. Can U give some links for Chinese predictions . If U R interested in Astrology , then U should definitely try Indian AStrology .

Chinese astrology is my own personal favourite too. Its animal and elemental groupings are tiered down to specific times much as in western astrology though I have not found a website (but i have not looked) that I can share with you. I try to bear in mind the taoist maxim when using astrology 'There is no such thing as untruth....only greater and lesser truths'. this is perhaps why we all find what we look for in our horoscopes.