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Sacredstar certainly caused a fuss here, didn't she?

I received eight different complaints about her posts - but, really, the problem was that I wasn't putting enough of a hand into moderating the place to dal with it right at the start. Some topics ended up in certain boards that should have been moved elsewhere. Some words should have been spoken to catch things at the bud.

Ultimately, admin'ing a multifaith forum is a matter of growing with the community, and trying to find a balance - it's a learning experience for myself, too.

Originally, I was perhaps over-protective of some boards, yet as they grew I took the gloves off to let them grow on their own. Of course, that brings with it it's own challenges.

My main criteria for making judgements on members is *intention*. Those with an intention to spam, promote, advertise, insult, offend, trooooll - they are seen for what they are and dealt with.

However, when I perceive no malice, it's harder to make a disciplinary judgement - as was in this case.

Ultimately, I received too many complaints and felt a responsibility to act for the overall good of the forum.

Anyway, she will not be returning for some time, but asked myself to make this clear for those who might be wondering.

I'll close this thread, as I would rather not like to invite public debate on SacredStar herself.

If anyone would like to enquire about this - or any other decision - then please feel free to PM me.
Not open for further replies.