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hi there, I love interfaith forums and deciding to join in. ;)

I haven't yet found a safe refuge for my particular beliefs as an alternative Christian. I like to try and fellowship with other Christians but it's difficult because of their contrasting beliefs set against mine. I'm a Christian dualist and would love to find more like-minded people, cuz there's not many of us around anymore. I like studying Christian history, ethics, theology, and sectarian diversity. All of it fascinates me. I'm not a Gnostic, those were of a more mystical/philosophical form of Christianity. I'm more into alternative theological/ethical doctrine. I don't think of myself as a heretic because I feel it's too offensive and justifies another's religion over others. Zoroastrianism and Manichaenism were dualistic religions, so that could give an idea of what I may believe in at the core. I'll probably speak out about it more as I go along. :)

I also study other religions and have deep respect for them. I believe in attempting the unity for diverse beliefs in society, that we can all be peaceful and grow spiritually even though we're all so different.
Welcome to CR. :cool:

You'll find a wide array of different approaches to Christianity here, including Gnostics, Christian mystics and other alternative views, as well as thoughtful adherents to more "mainstream" Christian ideas.

Marcion is usually thought of as a Gnostic. If you don't mind my asking, what inspired your screen name?
hi Diablo,

let's see if I can answer ur question. :)

When I first studied Marcionite beliefs, I was instantly hooked. I had never been very interested in Christianity until I learned there was so much diversity in its history. I was always thrown off course by religion because nothing ever helped me find myself. I finally realized the problem, my spirituality was Dualistic and I just never knew where to find such beliefs. I believed the creator of this world was an evil being, that the old testament was the dogma of the evil one, and that there was something much greater, more benevolent out there, and that wants to help us escape the evil of the world. I saw this contrasting through Jesus Christ and his new message for mankind.

Marcion and his purely Pauline doctrine, without Judeo-Christian interpolation helped me find myself, helped me find where I desired to be. And so I came to study the history of Dualism all throughout. I looked into the Zoroastrians, Mani, Constantine and the Paulicians, and finally the Bogomils and Cathars. I believe myself to be a Bogomil, which means Beloved of God. Marcion was the beginning of finding my spirituality, and so he's got a special place in my beliefs.
Marcion said:
I believe in attempting the unity for diverse beliefs in society, that we can all be peaceful and grow spiritually even though we're all so different.

well said! welcome to the forums, Marcion! :D

you have alot to offer!
Welcome, Marcion! Hop on over to the coffee tea or soda thread in the lounge and help yourself to a cuppa. I'm trying to start a rumor that ISFP will be serving cake. :)

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Welcome, Marcion!

I enjoy this board not only for the tolerance and acceptance of the forum members, but also--and especially--for the participation of people such as yourself who have deeply and prayerfully studied and examined their faith--much more than I have, I'm afraid:) .
You all are helping me, and others, I'm sure, more than you may realize.
Anyway--I too was pleased to discover the wide variety of of thought that Christ's words gave birth to in the early church.
Hi Marcion, and welcome to CR. :)

There are certainly a range of Christian beliefs here, but generally they can sit together - there may be disagreements, and sometimes discomfort - but so long as people are able to accept the differences in others then we generally get along well enough. :)
thanks Bluejay, and yes! there sure was alot of variety for Christianity way back then, and there still can be. Searching for all those "lost" Christianities is like piecing together the whole piece of God's puzzle. :)

hey there Brian. I pretty much enjoy all of Christendom. I know there can be some pretty harsh debates at times, but I think it's important that unity and love stays strong among our diversity.
The marcionite bishop named Apelles once said: "I believe all who love the Christ with all their hearts, even if they are different from our beliefs, will never be forsaken, nor will He ever leave their side." And again he said: "Even if your beliefs are not true, or if mine is not true, what's important in the end is that we both believed in the Christ who loved us and gave himself for us." He also believed that other religions were perfectly valid. He was scorned and bashed at by the Orthadox because of his extreme openness...

The Christianity of modern times often seems so closed in on itself, not letting much comfort in for alternative views that may actually help our fellow christians, not hinder them. In the Gospel of John Jesus prayed to the Father and said: "This is eternal life, that they may know the Father who sent me." Spiritual knowledge is just so important for us, learning of others' beliefs will most certainly keep us open and wise in our own path.