Birthday spam?


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This morning I received an e-mail from the forum here and I was immediately worried. I didn't send out anything, and with a title of "Happy Birthday from ... " I thought something was up - it isn't's birthday! I was so worried that someone had acked into the admin account and run riot with everything.

Then with great trepidation I read the message:
Hello I, Brian,We at forum would like to wish you a happy birthday today!
I'd forgotten I'd actually entered my date of birth - my own forum sent me a happy birthday message and I didn't even realise! I didn't know it even had this feature! Anyway, yes, I'm 31 today. :)

Kids have been horrendous, though - playing up terribly with sulks and whining and moaning. Hannah and Julie made a cake for me while I was upstairs on the computer. :)

I didn't get a card from my mum - but she rang tonight from Spain, where she has a time-share villa with her partner. She's finally visited Cordoba (after I made a point about the place!) and apparently she's been across the water to Morroco today! This is the woman who would take us on family holidays to Scarborough or Bridlington. Now there's a slogan for you - "get a divorce and see the world"!
And more books and more books.
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