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I just stumbled upon your site & found its diversity too hard to resist, though I think I spend too much time at other forums where I hang out as it is-one relating to mystical christianity and one re to buddhism. I'm "universalist" by inclination, believing in the old adage that "all mystics speak the same language." My chief interest is in exploring interreligious dialogue and practice, though my chief spiritual inclination/practice is zen and vipassana buddhist, (within a broadly Chirstian mind-set). Very nice looking site here and will look forward to feeding my forum addiction with your addition! :p Take care, Earl
Thank you for the welcome-and lunamoth, when I saw that quote-quoted by Huston Smith, the scholar of comparative religion-it struck home for me because I'm attracted to the esoteric or mystical truths of all religions more than the exoteric and doctrinal. i think cyberforums have become my substitute "church," because living in a small town in the middle of Kansas where all that is available are traditional christian churches, don't fit in comfortably enough. Miss the fellowship, though. forgot to mention-everyone be on alert as I'm the master of typos. Have a good one, Earl
Welcome home Earl, I look forward to hearing more about your views, as they are so expansive.

Many of us have had to face our addiction to CR, but becoming aware of it is the first step.
#1 I am powerless over CR and my life has become wonderful
#2 I came to believe that a power greater than me can spell better
#3 Turned my will and my life over to spending more time in front of the puter

You get the idea :)

Peace and light